TLC Gives Sneak Peek Into the Drama That Unfolds in Season 4 of ‘1000-lb Sisters,’ Including the Health of Tammy Slaton and Her Sister’s Pregnancy

On January 31, 2022, nearly 2 million viewers tuned in to the Season 3 Finale of 1000-lb Sisters just to be left with a cliffhanger as Tammy Slaton stopped breathing after her lung collapsed. Not much has been reported in the 11 months since the episode aired and some fans wondered if there would be a Season 4. 

In November, TLC confirmed a Season 4 was on the way and that a season premiere was scheduled for January 17th at 9:00 p.m. ET – a schedule that remains intact. They also teased that Tammy will be making a ‘life-altering decision’ that ‘no one saw coming’ – leaving many fans eager to learn what it is. 

While fans are going to have to wait until January 17th to find out, TLC did provide fans with a little tender love and care when they released a 2.5-minute teaser to Season 4 – which not only focuses on Tammy’s health but also her marriage to Caleb Willingham and the second pregnancy of her sister, Amy Slaton

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The teaser starts off with Tammy Slaton announcing her decision to go to rehab – followed by soundbites from her family members explaining how she ‘quit breathing’ and how ‘her body is shutting down.’ It then immediately cuts to a video of Tammy with a breathing tube in her neck. “I’m still here bi****s,” she says.

Tammy later admits she’s ‘struggling with just being so far away from family.’ It appears she gets into an argument with her family over the phone, which leads Amy to suggest hiring a “bi**h-orcist” to “exorcise the bi**h” out of her. During the phone call, Tammy demands they come and get her, or she’ll quit rehab.

Sitting down with her doctor, Tammy Slaton seems pretty confident that she’ll get approved for bariatric surgery. “I’d actually like to hear you say it,” she said, which led her doctor to ask, “You’d like to hear me say what?” She was waiting for him to say she was approved but was immediately turned down by her doc.

“I told you, Tammy. You have real risks,” the doctor said. Her brother, Chris Combs – who spoke about his own weight loss journey in the Season 4 teaser – expressed his concern that Tammy will die if she doesn’t get the surgery. The teaser, much like the ending to Season 3, left fans with another cliffhanger. 

Could This Be Amy’s Final Season on ‘1000-lb Sisters?’

Another primary focus of the Season 4 teaser was Amy Slaton and her pregnancy. She has been married to her high school sweetheart, Michael Halterman, since 2019 and the couple welcomed their first child – a son named Gage – in November 2020. In January 2022, they announced they were pregnant again. 

At one point in the teaser, Michael and Amy share photos of their ultrasound and pregnancy test – officially announcing the pregnancy. “The doctor has concerns with this baby because I’m still morbidly obese,” Amy explained – adding she’s in a lot of pain and things eventually took “a turn for the worse.”

Meanwhile, Amy and the rest of her family have their doubts about Tammy and her new husband, Caleb. Considering the past relationships she’s been involved in, they worry that she’s rushing into her newest relationship and wonder what his true intentions are. “How long have you known this man?” they ask her.

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As for Chris Combs, he’s hoping he lost enough weight to get approved for skin removal surgery. He was able to fit his entire body into one of his old pant legs – that’s right, just one of the leg holes – as he continues his tremendous weight loss journey. He has already lost more than 140 pounds in that journey.

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