25 Effervescent Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

After decades of neglect, soft and feminine Evelyn has returned to the baby name stage in a major way. It reached the top 10 for the first time in 2017. Evelyn has now surpassed its former heights, joining a legion of modern little Evas, Avas, Eves, Evies, and Evelines. All of this despite having returned to the top 40 for the first time, since 1939, less than a decade ago.

Due to its booming popularity, we decided to ask members of the community for middle name suggestions. As you might expect, we got some excellent ideas for pairings that sound gorgeous together. Evelyn has French origins and means “wished-for child.” Because of it’s French and sophisticated sound we were surprised there weren’t more Frenchified middle name suggestions! However, there are plenty of romantic ones on this list. Here are 25 cool middle names that go with Evelyn.

25. Monroe

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

A few people suggested the Scottish name Monroe as a possibility for a middle name. Evelyn Monroe does, indeed, sound good. The name means “mouth of the Roe river.” Before this name was associated with the iconic Marilyn Monroe, the name was mostly given to little boys. We’re glad it’s a popular choice for baby girls now.

24. Faith

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Faith is one of the most straightforward of the virtue names popularized by the Puritans in the seventeenth century. In modern times, the name peaked in 2002 and has since declined in favor (although it’s still in the top 200). Evelyn Faith is precious.

23. Janelle

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

J-names are always popular as middle names. However, we don’t often see Janelle suggested. We love this English name that means “God is gracious.” If you prefer something a little less fussy, you can drop the Jan and just go for Elle. Evelyn Elle is very nice too!

22. Simone

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Because Evelyn is a three-syllable name for girls, we tend to favor one-syllable names to pair with it. However, a community member recommended Simone and we think it’s a winner. Evelyn Simone sounds so impressive. The name, Simone comes from Hebrew and means “hear.”

21. Louise

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Evelyn Louise was a suggestion that really sounds as French as can be. Louise, of course, is the feminine form of Louis and means “renowned warrior.” Oui oui!

20. Joy

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

One of the most popular middle names for Evelyn is Joy! Bring joy to the world with this upbeat, happy name. In general, middle names that begin with “J” are extremely favored options (as you’ll see as the list goes on). If you want a super cute name that’s not overly complicated, choose Evelyn Joy.

19. Riley

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

While Riley would not be our first choice, many people suggested it as a good middle name. Riley has Irish origins and means “rye clearing.” The name is currently one of the most popular names for girls in the US.

18. Bree

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Bree is an Irish name that’s short for Breanna or Brina and means “hill.” Evelyn Bree is a breezy, beautiful pairing that’s perfect for parents after a no-fuss name. You can also spell the name: Brie for even more of a French feel.

17. Kate

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Kate is an agreeable name that fits with many others. Evelyn Kate has plenty of charm while still sounding stately and traditional. Kate is a shortened form of Katherine and it means “pure.”

16. Blue

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Blue suddenly came into the spotlight, as the unusual color name chosen by Beyonce and Jay-Z for their baby girl, Blue Ivy. We love the name and think it works especially well as a middle. Evelyn Blue sounds so dramatic and wonderful, right?

15. Elaine

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Elaine is a homophone for French Helene, just one of many names that were imported to Scotland during the centuries that Scotland and France had a mutual enemy in England. The Scottish and French name means “bright” or “shining light.” Evelyn Elaine is the perfect double E moniker.

14. Shae

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Shay or Shea are both wonderful ways to spell this chill middle name. Shay feels both classic and contemporary. When paired with Evelyn, it gives the name a singsongy quality. The name has Irish origins and means “dauntless one.” Evelyn Shae slays all day!

13. Taylor

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

The name Taylor has dominated the charts on and off for the last century. The English name means “tailor.” Evelyn Taylor sounds similar to Elizabeth Taylor and we’re curious if that’s why so many in the community proposed it.

12. Belle

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Belle is as French as it comes. The name is short for Isabelle and means “beautiful.” Belle gives a name like Evelyn a touch of sweetness but its somewhat blunt sound adds character.

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11. Anne

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Oh, the versatility of the name Anne! Anne is a shortened form of Hannah which has Hebrew origins and means “grace.” A truly beautiful name. Evelyn Anne sounds like a winner packed with vintage character!

10. Christine

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Christine is the favored French-form of Christina. The name means “anointed.” Evelyn and Christine are similar names that complement one another. Christine is soft enough to not overpower the softness of Evelyn.

9. Jade

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

The name is derived from the Spanish piedra de la ijada, which means “stone of the colic.” There was a belief that when jade was placed on the stomach, it could cure colic in babies. Who knew? Jade sounds excellent next to Evelyn and it helps bring the sweet name a little edge. 

8. Jean

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Jean is a name found all over Europe. The name means “God is gracious” as it’s a form of John. Evelyn Jean sounds like a classic.

7. Rose

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Evelyn Rose has a certain ring to it. Rose is such a beautiful and romantic name that works well with so many first names. Rose, of course, is an English name that refers to the pretty flower.

6. Marie

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Marie was one of the most 2-syllable names suggested. Marie is the French form of Mary and it means “drop of the sea” or “bitter.” Bitterness belies the sweetness of a name pairing of Evelyn Marie.

5. Renae

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Renae can also be spelled, Renee. Renae is the more contemporary spelling that we think helps update the dated, Evelyn. The name means “reborn.”

4. Rae

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Evelyn Rae conjures images of sunny days! Rae is a shortened form of the Hebrew name Rachel and means “ewe.” This was one of the most popular suggestions and it’s easy to see why.

3. Grace

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Without a doubt, one of the most submitted name and one of our favorites, Grace was recommended over and over again. Evelyn Grace is a balanced and beautiful name for girls. Grace is a classic virtue name that means “gracious.”

2. Lee

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Both Lee and Leigh are acceptable! Many people thought that Leigh sounded perfect when paired with Evelyn and we’d have to agree. Leigh is an Old English name that means “meadow.” How lovely is that?

1. Rain

25 Middle Names That Go With Evelyn

Winner! Winner! Rain is a beautiful nature-inspired name, it was also used as a nickname for Regina (which means “queen”) in Roman times. Evelyn Rain is such a poetic name and we absolutely love this recommendation. Also, people suggested the alternative spelling Reign which is something to consider.

There you go! 25 middle names that go with Evelyn! The Mamas Uncut community never fails to deliver the goods, especially when it comes to helpful suggestions like what middle name to choose. We love each of these names and hope you feel inspired or even found the right one for your daughter!

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