25 Excellent 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls You Can Count On

Count ’em 1-2-3. 3-syllable names for girls are elegant names that offer the perfect balance to a short last name. If your child will have the last name like Smith or Brown, you should definitely consider a first name to compliment the ease of the last name. For instance, the name Eve Smith sounds a bit bland. Instead of the 1-syllable name Eve, consider Eloise a 3-syllable name sounds much better with a name like Smith. Isn’t Eloise Smith more appealing?

Another reason for choosing a 3-syllable baby name is that a sibling is already branded with one. You might already have a daughter that you’ve named Amelia. What’s a name that pairs well with Amelia? Another 3-syllable name will make you seem like a wise parent that’s put some effort into naming your babies! So, a name like Celia would work great as a sister to Amelia. We’ve combed the baby girl name archives and found 25 3-syllable names for girls we absolutely love.

25. Zosia

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Zosia is the Polish form of the Greek name Sophia. Both are incredible 3-syllable names for girls, but we think Zosia has a bit more flare. Actor Zosia Mamet, best known for playing Shoshanna in Girls is a famous example with the name. The name Zosia means “wisdom.”

24. Addison

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Addison has grown in popularity as a name for girls since 2000. The name Addison is a favorite for parents looking for an alternative to Madison. The name Addison was originally an English surname that means “son of Adam.” Bonus points for a girl named Addison with a dad named Adam!

23. Fiona

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Musician and genius, Fiona Apple is one famous Fiona that wears the name well. Fiona has roots in Gaelic and is a popular name in Ireland, Europe more broadly, and the US. The name Fiona means “vine” or “fair.”

22. Kehlani

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Kehlani is a gorgeous name for girls that is most likely Hawaiin in origin and means “sea and sky” or “heavenly.” Mononymous singer Kehlani has helped propel this name’s popularity in recent years.

21. Madeline

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Your favorite 7-year-old boarding school student in Paris is named Madeline. Madeline is a fantastic name for girls that his origins in Hebrew, Greek, and English. It means “high tower.” We’re very fond of the name Madeline and the nickname “Maddie.”

20. Naomi

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

No matter if you pronounce the name Nee-o-mee or Nay-o-mee, Naomi is a classic, time-tested name. Naomi comes from Hebrew and means “pleasant.” Naomi Campbell, Naomi Wolf, and Naomi Klein are a couple famous Namois who have served the moniker well.

19. Delaney

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

The unique name Delaney would be a bold choice for your daughter. The name has origins in Gaelic and English and means “child of dark defiance” or “from the alder grove.” Both meanings tell a story!

18. Nadia

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Nadia and its various forms is a popular name in Slavic languages. Nadia means “hope.” Nadia Comăneci is a world-famous gymnast with five Olympic gold medals to her name. Nadia is a charming no-fuss name.

17. Sabrina

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Your favorite teenage witch and Audrey Hepburn character, Sabrina is a fantastic name for girls. The English name means “from the River Severn,” the longest river in the United Kingdom.

16. Emery

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Emery is a gender-neutral baby name that we love for both boys and girls. From the Old German name Emmerich, Emery means “powerful” or “ruler.” If you’re looking for an alternative to Emily or Emma, Emery would be a wonderful choice.

15. Rosemary

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Rosemary is a vintage name that’s primed for a comeback. Rosemary has Latin roots and means “dew of the sea.” Of course, one of the best herbs is Rosemary and if you’re looking for a nature-inspired name it would be an excellent option.

14. Clementine

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Another sweet, classic name, Clementine is a wonderful moniker for a little girl. Meaning “mild” and “merciful,” this is the French version of the Latin name Clement. Parenting is tough and all parents could use a merciful child.

13. Kennedy

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

A name with some real gravitas, Kennedy has become a popular given name for girls over the past couple of decades. The name has Scottish and Irish origins and it has a couple of very colorful meanings: “helmeted chief” and “ugly head.”

12. Regina

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Our lord and savior, Regina King is an actor and director that proudly bears this name. Regina has Latin roots and it’s extremely popular in Italy. The name means “queen.” This might help to explain why every Regina rules.

11. Sylvia

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Sylvia or Silvia is such a special name for girls. Sylvia Plath is one of America’s most prized poets. The name Sylvia has Latin roots and means “from the woods.” This fabulous name would honor love for nature and poetry.

10. Alaina

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Alaina is a variant of names found in many different languages and cultures. Helena, Elaine, Eileen, Alana, and more all are similar names. The name means “bright.” Alaina first appeared on baby name popularity charts in the 1940s and continues its rise today.

9. Lupita

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Lupita is a charmer that is a diminutive form of the name Guadalupe or Lupe. While the name has been popular in Mexico and other Latin American countries for decades, it’s been getting attention from English speakers because of the rise of Mexican-born actor, Lupita Nyong’o. The name means “valley of the wolf.”

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8. Rhiannon

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

The name Rhiannon comes with its own theme song courtesy of Fleetwood Mac. Rhiannon is a beautiful Welsh name that means “queen.” The name is attributed to a Celtic goddess of fertility and the moon.

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7. Gwendolyn

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Another moon goddess name with Welsh roots, Gwendolyn is a classic name for girls that offers a touch of whimsy. In Arthurian legend, Gwendolyn was wife to Merlin. There are several influential women with name including poet, Gwendolyn Brooks and pioneering journalist, Gweondlyn Ifill.

6. Miranda

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Miranda is a handsome name with Latin origins that means “admirable” and “miraculous.” For parents looking for alternatives to Amanda, Miranda is a fine option. The name hit peak popularity in the 1990s but we definitely think it has staying power.

5. Diana

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Offering a bit more complexity than Anna, Diana is a bold name for a baby girl. This Latin name means “divine” and belonged to a Roman goddess of the moon and hunting. Legendary singer Diana Ross is a great inspiration and brought so much glamor to it over the years.

4. Amabel

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Of the genre of names that sound like they belong to the kids from Big Little Lies, Amabel is one of our favorites. This name for girls comes from Latin and means “lovable.” If you like the name Annabelle, but that horror movie about a doll ruined it for you, consider Amabel.

3. Holiday

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Holiday started as a surname for Scottish folks who were from a mountain called Holy Day in Annandale. Like many surnames, this one has transitioned into a unique given name as well. Writer, Holiday Reinhorn and singer, Holiday Sidewinder are two women with this attractive name.

2. Indigo

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

Indigo is a girl’s name that refers to a “dye from India.” Indigo, the purple dye used for coloring fabric, was once one of the most valued substances on the planet. As a name, Indigo works beautifully and sounds a touch exotic. Actor Lou Diamond Phillips named his daughter Indigo when she was born in 2007.

1. Trinity

25 Great 3-Syllable Baby Names for Girls

We couldn’t do a list about 3-syllable names for girls without the name Trinity! The name Trinity has become a popular name for a third child. It also is prized by religious individuals as a signifier of the Holy Trinity. Trinity shot up in popularity after the release of The Matrix. In the film, Carrie-Anne Moss plays the character.

Names with three syllables for girls are a delight! They offer more interest than their shorter counterparts. For families with short last names, a longer first name is always a smart choice. These 25 3-syllable names for girls are very good con-ten-ders.

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