Adele Stands Up for Fan Who Was Being Bothered by Security at Las Vegas Residency

There’s a reason they call Adele the people’s champion – a Queen, if I do say so myself. Much in the way Taylor Swift is dedicated to ensuring her fans are given the best show possible, Adele is keen on giving her fans a memory that lasts a lifetime when attending her show – pictures and videos don’t do it justice.  

With that said, one viral video is giving fans an inside look at how far Adele will go to protect her fanbase while performing her Weekends With Adele residency in Las Vegas. It might not be the same as being in the audience, but it does show her loyalty and dedication to those who fill the seats night in and night out.

The 35-year-old singer-songwriter was in the middle of performing her hit song ‘Water Under the Bridge’ inside The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace on Saturday (August 26) when she noticed one of her fans being bothered by one of her security guards – apparently for no reason. So, Adele decided to step in. 

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“Can you stop a minute,” she asked her band – who nearly stopped on a dime at her request. “What is going on with that young fan there? He’s been bothered so much since I’ve been on for standing up, what’s going on with him?” she continued – pointing directly at a security guard off in the distance. 

The security guard was unsure who she was talking to at first, but she wasn’t about to quit. “Yes, you with your hand up,” she said to the security guard. “You, no you, yes you with the stick in your hand.” She finally gets his attention and asks why he’s bothering the fan before asking him to leave the fan alone. 

“Leave him alone. They won’t bother you again, my darling. You enjoy the show,” she says before walking back to the mic stand to continue the show. She explained to the crowd that he had been bothered by security and people standing behind him the whole show – even though he was just trying to have fun. 

Adele took a few steps toward the back of the stage to recollect herself before the music started playing (from the beginning) – the crowd was going crazy at this point. As always, Adele put on a masterful and memorable performance that was highlighted by her love for those who call themselves fans of her music.

New Video Shows the Excited Fan Adele Was Protecting

Social media has a way of digging deep and getting us the content we all need – and that’s exactly what social media did after the video of Adele protecting a fan went viral. It didn’t take long before we had a perfect look at the incident from the young fan’s perspective, giving us more context to what went down. 

Earlier in the show, the fan was standing up and singing along to one of her songs when a female staff member came up behind him and asked him to sit down. By the time ‘Water Under the Bridge’ started, the entire crowd was on their feet – including the young fan, who was singing along to every single lyric. 

Several security guards gathered around him – one of whom had his hands on the fan, attempting to hold him in place. After Adele called the security guard out, he immediately walked away and the young fan yelled, “Thank you, thank you!” – clearly a moment he’ll remember for the rest of his life, and then some. 

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After the show, the young fan spoke with TMZ and said he doesn’t feel sorry for standing up and singing along to the music – adding that the people behind him could’ve done the same thing. “I only had one opportunity to see her and I took it. I’m not really sorry. They could’ve stood up too,” he told the outlet.

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