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Week 5 |
Week 5

Congratulations! You’re 5 weeks pregnant and likely just received the news yourself!

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Week 6 |
Week 6

You are now well into your second month of pregnancy, and you and your baby are continuing to develop!

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Week 7 |
Week 7

Depending on if you experience morning sickness or not, you have likely noticed some weight gain or weight loss at this point in your pregnancy, American Pregnancy reports.

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Week 8 |
Week 8

At this point, you have roughly 32 more weeks until you meet your little one!

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Week 9 |
Week 9

Your baby’s heartbeat can start being detected anywhere from week 8 to week 12! How exciting is that?

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Week 10 |
Week 10

At this point in your pregnancy, you will have the choice to decide whether or not you’ll want to have a NIPT blood test completed.

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Week 11 |
Week 11

While your baby’s head may be oversized at this point of the process, they are also developing tooth buds and facial features.

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Week 12 |
Week 12

Your baby is growing like a weed, and you only have 28 more weeks to go!

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Week 13 |
Week 13

This is the last week of your first trimester! How exciting is that?

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