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Week 14 |
Week 14

As your baby’s developing organs are almost fully functioning, they are also able to make facial expressions now too!

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Week 15 |
Week 15

You’re four months in and almost halfway there!

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Week 16 |
Week 16

From a donut sprinkle to a chocolate-covered apple, your baby is getting so big!

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Week 17 |
Week 17

Your baby is hard at working making adipose. Adipose is fat tissue that first appears in the face, neck, breasts, and stomach wall, Very Well Family reports.

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week 18
Week 18

You’re officially in your fifth month of pregnancy, also known as week 18. Just two more weeks until the halfway point!

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Week 19 |
Week 19

Have you felt your baby kick or move yet? If not, you will very soon.

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Week 20 |
Week 20

HALFWAY THERE! CONGRATULATIONS! You and baby have been through A LOT to get here, but it’s about to be so worth it!

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Week 21 |
Week 21

By now your baby is making constant tiny movements called quickening, and you may be preparing for an anatomy scan!

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Week 22 |
Week 22

You’re still in your fifth month but things are still moving quickly even if you feel like it’s not.

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Week 23 |
Week 23

Pregnancy brain is really kicking into gear.

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Week 24 |
Week 24

Your baby’s inner ears are fully developed which means they can hear everything!

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Week 25 |
Week 25

Tiny little blood vessels have begin to form under your baby’s skin, making it look pinker and pinker as time goes on!

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Week 26 |
Week 26

It’s your last week of your second trimester! WOW!

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Week 27 |
Week 27

Believe it or not, by this point in your pregnancy your baby developed a “regular wake and sleep cycle,” American Pregnancy reports.

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