Week 21
Your baby is the size of a large order of fries!
Week 21 |
Fun Fact!
Your baby has started to drink little bits of your amniotic fluid. It tastes like what you eat.
Week 21 |
Dos and Don'ts
  • Do get a flu shot
  • Don’t eat unpasteurized milk products
Week 21 |
What should you expect in Week 21?
  • By now your baby is making constant tiny movements called quickening, and you may be preparing for an anatomy scan!
  • So if you’re keeping your baby’s gender a secret, don’t look too closely and let the technician know!
  • And while you still have 19 weeks to go, Braxton Hicks contraction could begin!
  • As The Bump reports, at this point in your pregnancy, the Braxton Hicks contractions likely feel akin to a “quick tightening.
  • Here is another fun fact, if you’re pregnant with a baby girl, she’s currently carrying all the eggs as she’ll ever have in her newly developed uterus!
  • This means you’re not only carrying your own child, but potential your grandchildren as well.
  • And if you’re having a baby boy, his testes are currently located in his abdomen.
  • They will drop in a few weeks after his scrotum has fully developed, The Bump reports.
  • By the way, how’s that nursery coming along?
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Week 21 |
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Week 21 |
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