Week 26
Your baby is the size of a soda bottle!
Week 26 |
Fun Fact!
Your baby is opening their eyes and practicing blinking.
Week 26 |
Dos and Don'ts
  • Do wear compression socks
  • Don't forget to schedule your 4d ultrasound if you are considering one
Week 26 |
What should you expect in Week 26?
  • It’s your last week of your second trimester! WOW!
  • As Dr. Andreina Colatosti Catanho, a specialist of obstetrics and gynecology, tells Baby List, “The cornea, pupil, iris, lens and retina begin to develop around week seven of pregnancy.”
  • However, it’s not until right now that your little one’s eyes begin to flutter and open. “Baby’s eyes start to open towards the end of the second trimester of pregnancy in response to light.”
  • But did you know their eye color “won’t be determined until a few months after birth?” It’s true!
  • And so much else is happening too! Between your placenta and colostrum doing its job by building your baby’s immune system to your baby’s movements becoming more like jerking motions rather than fluid twists and turns, your body is feeling the effects by now.
  • From aches and pains to hemorrhoids, headaches and high blood pressure, it’s really time to start listening to your body and taking notes, not only on how your feeling but how often you’re feeling your baby kick!
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Week 26 |
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Week 26 |
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