Your baby is the size of a pineapple!
Week 28 |
Fun Fact!
Your baby may be causing bladder discomfort resulting in frequent urination, hang in there.
Week 28 |
Dos and Don'ts
  • Do consider if you want to undergo "diagnostic tests"
  • Don't go crazy buying a lot of maternity clothing
Week 28 |
What should you expect in Week 28?
  • You’re six months pregnant and in the second week of your third trimester! This is it, the homestretch!
  • And as Baby List reports, your baby’s brain and senses are really beginning to develop!
  • While the first two trimesters really focused bones and organs, this last trimester is when brain neurons really begin to develop!
  • In addition to that your baby’s ears are picking up sounds more easily and their eyes are beginning to tell the difference between light and dark.
  • But perhaps the most adorable milestone this week is that your baby is now able to dream! Awe!
  • And mom, while you may be in the homestretch, you are likely feeling more and more tired and that’s normal.
  • With your baby growing like a weed, a good night’s sleep may feel like a thing of the past right now.
  • Your symptoms likely haven’t changed too much either. From heartburn and frequent trips to the bathroom to backaches, sciatica, and Braxton Hicks contractions, it’s all quite normal.
  • However, in addition to all of the above symptoms, you may also be experiencing Restless Leg Syndrome.
  • According to Baby List, roughly 16-percent of those who are pregnant experience RLS. “RLS can make you antsy and really mess with your ability to get sleep.” It’s encouraged that you speak with your doctor about RLS.
  • This is also the week when you appointments start to ramp up.
  • First you’ll go every other week until you’re 36 weeks, in which you will then go every week until your little one is born.
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Week 28 |
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Week 28 |
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