Week 35
Your baby is the size of a box of chocolates!
Week 35 |
Fun Fact!
Baby won't get much longer from here out, just more plump.
Week 35 |
Dos and Don'ts
  • Do pack your hospital bag
  • Don't forget to line up a pet sitter and babysitter if you need one
Week 35 |
What should you expect in Week 35?
  • At this point in your pregnancy, it’s best to start getting familiar with the various signs of labor because it could happen at any time!
  • Contractions will feel like Braxton Hicks, but more intense.
  • And if you start to feel those intense contractions more frequently, that could be a sign you’re in active labor.
  • According to Very Well Family, many women follow the “411 rule” which means you are experiencing contractions every four minutes that last for 1 minute, for at least 1 hour.
  • Other signs you’re in active labor can include bleeding, symptoms of preeclampsia (which included dizziness, headaches, and blurred vision), or your water breaking.
  • At this point your baby’s hearing is fully developed by this point, The Bump reveals, and he or she will likely better respond to sounds that are higher in pitch! How exciting!
Helpful Products
Week 35 |
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Week 35 |
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