AITA For Not Forgiving My Cousin After She Slept With My Fiancé?

One user is asking Reddit if they are the a****** for refusing to forgive their cousin after she slept with their fiancé.

“Hi I’m 23f and two years ago I was engaged. I was really happy till I found my cousin and my now ex-fiancé in bed. Ever since I had no contact with them,” the OP begins.

AITA For Not Forgiving My Cousin After She Slept With My Fiancé?
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“Now my cousin is marrying him and wants my mother to do the wedding. (She’s on my side and refuses). My aunt (Mom’s sister) told me that I should forgive my cousin and it was true love. I told my aunt to f*ck off.”

“My family besides my mom and siblings are telling me that I’m ripping the family apart and keep telling me that it was years ago. They also mentioned that I’ve moved on. (I have a Navy boyfriend). I told them that it doesn’t replace the betrayal my cousin did,” the OP concluded.

One user said: “NTA – I don’t blame you. For your fiancé to cheat is bad enough. And for the other woman to be your cousin makes the cut deeper. I’m not sure what you mean when you say she wants your ‘mother to do the wedding,’ but I’m glad your mom is standing up for you. If anyone ripped the family apart it’s your cousin and whoever is telling you to get over it. I would just go NC and continue moving on. At least you didn’t end up marrying a cheater, know what I mean?”

AITA For Not Forgiving My Cousin After She Slept With My Fiancé?
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While another commented: “Someone said this to me about grudges/cutting toxic people out of our lives and I’ve never forgotten it: ‘I saw who you really were, and I can’t unsee it, but I wish you the best.'”

Followed by: “So, just so I understand, you are ripping the family apart by excluding people that betrayed and hurt you, but the person that betrayed your trust in such a horrible way is good to go? Yeah… no, NTA. You have no obligation to move on until you feel you’re ready, and if that’s never, then that’s how it is. Ask the people telling you this (rhetorically, because of course, they’ll lie) if the cousin had done this to them, would they feel the same?”

And last but not least, this comment: “NTA. Tell them your whoring cousin is who ripped the family apart but you’ll be glad to raise a toast in her honor when they get divorced because one/both of them cheated. This relationship is pretty much guaranteed to implode. Just sit back and wait and enjoy while you thank your lucky stars for the escape and enjoy a normal life.”

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