AITA For Being The Whistleblower And Ruining My Husband’s Relationship With His Mom?

One user is asking Reddit if they are the a****** for calling out one of her husband’s toxic family members.

“To start me and my mother-in-law have never gotten along. She hates my guts and can be oversensitive oftentimes. I tried not to give her the wrong impression about me but we just don’t like each other.”

AITA For Being The Whistleblower And Ruining My Husband's Relationship With His Mom?
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“Sunday, I was feeling sick (I’m a new mom btw) and couldn’t eat what she cooked for dinner and she [seemed] to take it [personally]. She sent me a private message of what seemed to be her final straw with my behavior and it stated the following..”

“Oh yes, I know and feel your passive-aggressive vibe. You keep pretending to be sick so you won’t have to eat what I cook? What? You think my cooking is disgusting? You think I’m [not hygenic]. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU ACTUALLY LOOKED AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR? Apologies I forgot you’re a new mom and can’t be bothered to even get your hair brushed. You finally trapped our son and now want to use the baby as a pawn. I don’t like the fact you’re my grandchild’s mother. I don’t think I’ll ever come to terms with it because you bore him. But I’ll pretend. Pretend I don’t know my son’s been having chats with his ex every chance he gets. Be mean to his mommy. Me. And you’ll see how far that gets you. Oh, and when I watch your s***beast dog it stays chained to a garage day and night until a half hour before you arrive. It stinks up my house you know same with your hair and clothes.”

The OP continued on, revealing how her husband responded to the entire situation which led to a chain reaction.

AITA For Being The Whistleblower And Ruining My Husband's Relationship With His Mom?
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“My mind was blown and my gut reaction was to immediately go to my husband and show him what his mom sent and he didn’t take it well. He tried calling her but she didn’t respond. It was 11 pm and he decided to drive to his parent’s house and pick a fight with her about the text. According to my sister-in-law #1 who witnessed it, he yelled at his mother and berated her and caller her names then disowned her which shocked everyone in the house.”

“My mother-in-law is diabetic she fainted on the spot and my husband didn’t stop he just walked out of there while his family [was] yelling at him. I got several calls and texts from them claiming I just caused irreparable damage in my husband’s relationship with his mother, jeopardized her health because she was taken to the hospital and [worst] of all making my husband disown her over what? A dinner that I could’ve gotten a few bites of? A simple misunderstanding?”

“They accused me of causing this s***show and turning my husband on his own mother and disowning her like that. Sister-in-law #3 berated me for sharing the text with my husband saying I should’ve confronted my mother-in-law alone instead of escalating the situation. She said I’m responsible for whatever happens next and have to fix the problem I created. I feel awful overall and so guilty since she’s at the hospital and the family [is] feeling tense. My husband is avoiding me. AITA?”

AITA For Being The Whistleblower And Ruining My Husband's Relationship With His Mom?
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One user commented: “What a good husband this is. He immediately stood up for his wife after she was treated so poorly. The zero hesitation to stand up for her after being shown that evidence of hatred. He’s a keeper. Also agree of course OP is NTA. Mother-in-law and family that have been harassing this woman definitely TA here.”

While another said: “Nurse here, you don’t faint from being upset because you have diabetes. That makes no sense. You can faint if your blood sugars are off, but the fainting is her being dramatic, nothing to do with diabetes. How ridiculous.”

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