Al Roker Turns 69 Years Old: “I Am More Than Grateful to Be Celebrating This Birthday”

Join us in wishing a very happy birthday to America’s favorite weatherman! Al Roker, who was just 24 years old when he joined NBC, turned 69 years old on August 20, and – considering what he has gone through over the past 10 months – he’s more than happy and grateful to be alive today to celebrate it. 

The newly-minted 69-year-old took to Instagram to share a video of him walking – as he always does – and shared a touching message for all the people who helped him get to this point. “Grateful for another trip around the sun,” he wrote in the caption before expanding on that sentiment during his iconic walk. 

“Good morning everybody, I hope you’re having a great Sunday. This is my 69th anniversary of orbiting the sun, and after everything I went through at the end of last year, I am more than grateful to be celebrating this birthday,” Al Roker began in the video – referring to his health issues in November 2022.

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For those who need a quick refresher, Al Roker was admitted to the hospital last November for blood clots. What was supposed to be a routine surgery turned into a seven-hour surgery after doctors found two bleeding ulcers – resulting in him needing work done on his gallbladder, colon, and small intestine.

At the time, Roker’s family was preparing for the worst and his wife even admitted to her fear of losing him. “This was terrifying at every minute,” his wife, Deborah Roberts, said of his health complications. “It was like the worst roller coaster ride you have ever been on.” Luckily, Al Roker lived to tell the tale. 

“To all of you who sent good wishes and well wishes over this past year, God bless you, thank you so much, I really appreciate it,” he continued in his birthday video – adding how grateful he is for his Start TODAY family, his TODAY show family, and, of course, his own family. He’s a grateful man, that’s for sure.

He goes on to thank his wife, Deborah, for ‘getting me out of the hospital,’ and his daughter, Courtney, who has ‘given me one of the greatest gifts ever’ – she made him a first-time grandfather when she welcomed her first baby, Sky, on July 3. He also shouted out his daughter, Leila, and son, Nicholas. 

Al Roker Continues His Famous Walking Routine

It’s good to see Al Roker not just alive, but well enough to continue his walking routine – which has made countless headlines through the years. He has always encouraged his fans and followers to get outside, walk daily, and stay active. In fact, he credits his walking habits for saving his life these past 12 months. 

While his recent health complications put an end to those walking habits, he eventually returned in March and has gotten back to his normal routine – posting videos of his walks as he continues to encourage others to do so. That’s why it was good to see him walking on his 69th birthday – in his Oswego shirt. 

Last year, he gave his fans and followers advice for staying motivated to get outside daily. “Stop using the word only. So many of you on our (Start TODAY) Facebook page were talking about, ‘Oh, you only did this, you only did that. The fact is, you got it done, you made it happen, and that’s what counts,” he said.

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Al Roker is no stranger to health complications. Aside from his blood clot dilemma last year, he has endured a battle with prostate cancer, hip replacement surgery, carpal tunnel surgery, a back operation, and several knee replacement surgeries in the past – and another knee replacement surgery in the future.

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