Alfonso Ribeiro Talks Injury He Sustained While at Son’s Baseball Game

It’s been a rough couple of months for ‘Dancing With the Stars’ host Alfonso Ribeiro.

Just two months after his daughter suffered a scooter injury, Ribeiro reveals he’s suffered his own injury as well.

While a guest on Live With Kelly and Mark, Ribeiro revealed he had suffered a concussion while watching his son play baseball. 

“I got concussed last week. I was standing off to the side and I’m putting someone’s number in the phone and boom, a ball to the back of my head. Right in the back,” he explained.

Ribeiro admitted it knocked him unconscious. “I go down.”

Ribeiro revealed he suffered a concussion that left him disoriented “for like three days. I’m like ‘Huh? Wha?’”

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The Fresh Prince star joked that his wife thought he was joking about his injury to get out of his daily duties as a dad and a husband. “My wife seems to think it was just me saying I didn’t want to do nothing at the house. It wasn’t that. It was a good hit.”

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, just one day before his daughter Ava’s fourth birthday, she was riding her scooter when tragic struck. “On Thursday, unfortunately, my daughter got injured and had to have emergency surgery,” Ribeiro also told Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

“So it was a very stressful weekend,” he continued before explaining that Ava “fell” while riding her scooter, “and had basically road rash on her face and arm, and so they had to scalpel off all the skin.”

Ribeiro went on to say that his little girl is going to be okay, but that “it’s going to be a long process.” Now, in his most recent update, Ribeiro shared that Ava is “doing great.”

“She’s recovering wonderfully,” the proud dad shared when updating his fans on Ava’s recovery. “Scary times, scary moments, but she’s doing great. […] The progress is coming along as we expected. It’s a long, long process. But she’s doing wonderful.”

Back in May, the actor and host revealed that his wife had a feeling something bad was going to happen the morning Ava got injured. “The hard part of it is that my wife really listens to her intuitions and she actually on Thursday bought everyone into the kitchen and told everyone, ‘I have a feeling my daughter is going to the ER this week. Do not let her do anything that she can get hurt doing.'”

However, as Ribeiro added, that intuition “obviously wasn’t listened to. And so my nanny was running back into the house to get pads and stuff and [Ava] went on a little sit-down scooter anyway.”

Ribeiro praised his wife’s “beautiful intuition,” adding that all mother’s seem to have it. “That was very specific but all mothers have that intuition. You carry this soul around in your body for nine months; there is a connection that men can never understand that women have with their babies.”

The incident took place on May 12. Alfonso shared a photo of Ava’s injuries on Instagram.

“Not the kind of day you want the day before turning 4. Just want to give a heartfelt thank you to [Kare MD Skin Health] for the emergency service and procedure to help lessen the likelihood of [scarring]. So proud of how brave my baby girl was during the surgery,” Alfonso wrote in his Instagram caption on May 12. 

Thankfully, Ava was still able to celebrate her birthday despite the incident. Ribeiro later shared photos of the special day as well.

“Happy Birthday to my sweet Ava Sue. As some of you know Ava had a very difficult week. I’m so proud of how well she handled everything. She’s so brave, strong, and creative. I love everything about my little girl,” he wrote in the caption. 

“On a side note, I’m forever grateful to @mrsangelaribeiro1 for being so amazing during this time. Long nights with a little girl in pain and having to apply medication every few hours. My two heroes.”

We wish Ava the best as she continues to recover.

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