Amanda Bynes Remains in LA Hospital as She Receives Psychiatric Care

Amanda Bynes is having her psychiatric hold extended for at least another week as she remains in a Los Angeles hospital. She seems intent on getting the help she so desperately needs nearly a week after a psychotic and manic episode where she was found wandering Hollywood Blvd. without any clothes on. 

At this time, it’s unclear if Bynes remembers what occurred in the days and nights leading up to her being placed on a psychiatric hold. We do, however, know that she isn’t talking to anyone close to her, and it is likely that her psychiatric hold gets extended for several weeks more, according to TMZ’s sources

Amanda Bynes Remains in LA Hospital as She Receives Psychiatric Care | Amanda Bynes is having her psychiatric hold extended for at least another week as she remains in a Los Angeles hospital following psychotic episode.

The hospital she’s currently staying at is taking things day-by-day and will reassess her mental health over the next week. If they feel she needs more psychiatric help, then they could extend her stay for up to 30 days. Entertainment Tonight reached out to Bynes’ representatives, but haven’t received a response. 

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TMZ was the outlet that originally broke the story. Apparently, Amanda Bynes had her car towed on March 15 after it ran out of gas – she was roughly 40 miles from her home and didn’t have a cell phone on her. They had reason to believe she was living on the streets for several days before the hospital stay.

On March 18, three days after her car was towed, Bynes was walking the streets of LA by herself when she was approached by a friendly woman. “She was walking tensely and by herself. A woman started walking with her and tried to help her. Amanda asked the woman to hold her,” the source explained. 

While the source said Amanda was in a ‘loving, wholesome mood,’ they also added she was clearly ‘out of it’ and clearly needed help. The woman dropped her off at a friend’s house, but was later taken back to Hollywood Blvd. when no one answered – she refused to go home because she had been kicked out. 

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On March 19, she was roaming the streets with no clothes when she flagged down a car and told the driver she was on her way down from a psychotic episode. Bynes called 911 and was dropped off at the police station, where she underwent a mental health evaluation and was placed on a psychiatric hold.

Amanda Bynes’ Conservatorship Remains Terminated… For Now

The recent news comes roughly a year after Amanda Bynes had her conservatorship terminated in March 2022. At the time, she provided proof that the conservatorship – which went into effect in July 2013 – was no longer needed. The decision was supported by both of her parents, who agreed to terminate it. 

As of right now, the conservatorship remains terminated and, while there hasn’t been any motion to bring it back into effect, there’s a chance they revisit that possibility if Bynes doesn’t show any signs of progress in the coming weeks. For now, she remains under hospital care, and they hope she gets better soon. 

The news also comes just a few months after MamasUncut reported that Amanda Bynes was attending cosmetology school in Los Angeles to one day become a manicurist as she dedicated herself to a career change. She also changed her hairstyle, opting to go with black hair, as opposed to her signature blonde.

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She appeared to be on a better path as she sought a happier and more positive lifestyle. While attending cosmetology school, she was also seeking a bachelor’s degree at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising – majoring in creative industry studies with a core in beauty marketing and product development. 

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