Amanda Bynes’ Psychiatric Hold Extended Another Week – Her Second Psychiatric Hold in Three Months

On June 17, Amanda Bynes was detained by LAPD officers and placed in the backseat of a cruiser – it was first reported by TMZ and they later confirmed she was the one who called the police. The former actress was taken to a nearby police station, where she was evaluated by a professional medical unit. 

According to several eyewitnesses, Bynes was calm during the interaction and, at times, looked defeated. TMZ published a follow-up story two days later and confirmed that she had been placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold for the second time in the past three months. Police described her as a danger to herself. 

By law, the hospital is allowed to be held for up to 72 hours – which has since passed. On Thursday (June 22), TMZ confirmed that she’s committing to spend at least one more week under psychiatric care as doctors try to stabilize her with therapy and medications. Her family is growing more worried by the day.

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Several sources are telling TMZ that her mental breakdowns generally occur when she stops taking her medication. It’s a common occurrence for those suffering from a mental illness – they stop taking medication when they start to feel better, but eventually return to their old ways once off the meds. 

Her family members fear that her cycle of mental breakdowns will only grow worse, especially since they have no way of intervening with Bynes’ conservatorship coming to an end in March 2022. And it’s not going to be easy to petition for a new conservatorship, which would involve the same judge as before. 

According to TMZ, Amanda Bynes never had an issue with taking her meds while she was under her conservatorship. During that time, her mother was tasked with making sure she took her medication and they never appeared to have any issues with it – that is until the conservatorship was terminated last year.

This Isn’t Amanda Bynes’ First Time on a  Psychiatric Hold

Amanda Bynes’ latest psychiatric hold comes roughly three months after she was seen walking the streets of Los Angeles naked. She was eventually taken to a police station and evaluated by a mental health team before being sent to a nearby hospital for treatment under a 5150 psychiatric hold. 

“Amanda was wandering alone on Hollywood Blvd. at around 1 am on Saturday (March 18). No one really recognized her or noticed her. She was walking tensely and by herself. A woman started walking with her and tried to help her. Amanda asked the woman to hold her,” one eyewitness said of the incident. 

The incident happened on March 18 and her psychiatric hold was extended one week on March 26. She was released from a mental health facility just two months ago and was supposed to enter an outpatient program. Sources are telling TMZ that she has been isolated ever since and hasn’t been doing very well. 

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Amanda Bynes will now be spending at least one more week under psychiatric care and it appears as if she might need more. While her family is having a hard time intervening and a new conservatorship is unlikely, they’ll continue to do what they can to ensure Amanda has an opportunity to finally get better.

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