Amy Duggar King Does NOT Mince Her Words When Asked If She Would Allow Her Uncle Jim Bob Duggar Around Her Son

Amy Duggar King, the niece of Jim Bob Duggar, is speaking out against him again.

Amy, whose mother is the sister of Jim Bob Duggar, has been an outspoken critic of Jim Bob and Michelle ever since their son, her cousin, Josh Duggar, was found guilty of child pornography charges.

Now, she’s sharing even more of her disdain for her uncle on TikTok. In a recent video she posted on the social media site, Amy King admitted that she doesn’t trust Jim Bob, especially around her 3-year-old son.

@amyrking Al lot of screws are loose. #iblp #shinyhappypeople #amaz #duggars ♬ original sound – Amy Rachelle King

“It all kind of boils down to this, right?” King began in the video. “If you’re not going to protect those beautiful daughters from a predator that was living inside of your home and you knew about it, and you’re gonna sweep it under the rug and your mentality is kinda just to brush it off and to hide it and to lie, not only do I not respect you anymore, but I also don’t want to give you a right to get to know my child. Because I will protect my child at all costs.”

Wow! Amy certainly did not mince her words.

“Forget all the other stuff, just focus on the fact that the abuse was hidden,” King added. “And then [Jim Bob] was put on the stand and then he said, ‘Oh, judge I don’t recall.’ You don’t recall your daughters’ abuse? You don’t recall that?”

Then for me, I have to protect my son from you. ‘Cause something’s not right here. A lot of screws are loose,” she concluded.

Amy shared similar sentiments about how she feels about how Jim Bob handled Josh after he admitted to molesting four of his sisters as a teenager in the new Prime documentary,  Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets.

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, Jill Duggar Dillard also opened up in a big way in the documentary as well. Jill was of her brother’s victims and was silenced by her parents for several years.

Jill discussed why her parents decided to have 19 kids, and what their own parents thought about their lifestyle. As Jill explained in the documentary, “My grandparents, neither one on either side agreed with my parents having a million kids,” she admitted. And they never did quite grasp why Jim Bob and Michelle wanted so many children.

To which Jill went on to explain Jim Bob and Michelle’s thought process. She said that her parents “believed you should have as many kids as you’re capable of having until your body tells you to stop.” She admitted that her grandparents feared for Michelle’s health.

“They were concerned about my mom’s health and they would always say, ‘Is this your last one?’” 

Jill and her husband admit, as Christians, the don’t personally hold the same believe when it comes to having children. “The source of it is from the Bible, so whoever took it took it and ran with it,” Derek admitted.

Jill also discussed being one of the sisters Josh Duggar molested when he was a teenager. News that Josh molested five girls, four of them being his sisters, was initially revealed to the public in 2015. 

The disturbing news led to TLC canceling the Duggar Family’s reality show. Seven years later, Josh would go on to be arrested, charged, and found guilty of possessing and receiving child pornography; thought the two cases are not linked.

In the doc, Jill admits that her interview with Megyn Kelly in 2015 was not her idea, but that she was forced to speak out and defend Josh by her father. “I don’t even like to talk about it because it’s not something that I’m proud of,” she said of the interview.

During the interview, Jill and her sister Jessa Duggar Seewald defended Josh from being labeled a “child molester, pedophile or rapist,” but now admits she felt “obligated to do it” in order to save their reality show.

“There was an urgency in trying to figure out how the show was going to be handled in the wake of the 2015 events,” she said. “As far as recovery and damage control, you just feel like a burden and the weight falls on you to help.”

Jill’s husband, Derick, went as far as to call the interview with Megyn Kelly a “suicide mission.” Confirming Jill’s original statements that doing the interview was not “voluntary.”

“Like, ‘You’re gonna destroy yourself, but we need you to take the fall so we can carry the show forward because the show cannot fail.’ [The Duggars] were gonna do whatever they could to get the return on their investment. If that meant collateral damage, that meant collateral damage.”

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