Anne Heche’s Autopsy Results Revealed

Three months after Anne Heche’s untimely passing, the results of her autopsy have been revealed.

According to documents obtained by People, the autopsy reveals Heche was not impaired by drugs at the time of her accident but that she had previously used cocaine and cannabis sometime before the accident occurred.

Anne Heche’s Autopsy Results Revealed

A spokesperson for the coroner’s office further explained to People that “the hospital admission blood showed the presence of benzoylecgonine, the inactive metabolite of cocaine, which means she used it in the past but not at the time of the crash.”

The spokesperson continued to explain that “cannabinoids were found in her urine but ‘not detected in the admission blood and is consistent with prior use, but not at the time of the injury.’” The toxicology report also detected fentanyl in her system, but as the report concludes the fentanyl was “obtained after she received treatment at the hospital and therefore is consistent with therapeutic use.”

“This is supported by the lack of fentanyl in the blood specimen drawn at admission to the hospital,” the report reads. 

According to People, the document also revealed that Heche sustained burns so badly during the crash that it prevented her body from “effectively absorbing oxygen, which led to her ‘anoxic brain injury,’ which is labeled as her cause of death.

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, since Heche’s horrific accident on August 5, her sons of been surrounded by drama. Reports revealed that Anne Heche’s son had found himself in legal woes because of one of her exes after it was learned she passed away before filing a will. 

Following her death, Heche is survived by only two sons, 20-year-old Homer Laffoon Heche and 13-year-old Atlas Heche Tupper. It was originally reported that Heche didn’t have a will and as a result, her oldest son had filed paperwork in order to assume control over her estate.

However, it is now coming to light that the father of Anne’s youngest son, actor James Tupper has been interfering with those attempts. People also reported that Tupper has gone as far as making it impossible for Homer to even talk to his young brother, Atlas.

Court documents obtained by People revealed that Homer is fighting back against Tupper’s claims that a document from 2011 asserts that he is the administrator of Heche’s estate. Tupper claims that this document should be considered Anne’s will. 

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Homer says that the document Tupper possesses is not valid because the signature on it does not belong to Heche and the signing of the alleged document was not observed by two witnesses which is required by law. According to People, the documents read that “Mr. Tupper repeatedly refers to the email attached to the Objection as a ‘will.’ However — as a matter of law — the email does not qualify as either a holographic will or formal witnessed will.” 

“The email fails to satisfy the legal requirements for a valid holographic will because the material provisions of the purported will are not in the handwriting of the Decedent. A will is valid as a holographic will, whether or not it is witnessed if the signature and the material provisions are in the handwriting of the testator.

The email presented to the Court as Decedent’s ‘will’ by Mr. Tupper fails to meet the requirements for a valid holographic will because the signature and material provisions are not in the handwriting of the Decedent. The email fails to satisfy the legal requirements for a valid formal witnessed will because the email was not signed by the Decedent and does not have two witnesses who signed the document during the lifetime of the Decedent.”

It’s also important to note that in 2011, Homer would have only been 9 years old when Tupper and Heche were still reportedly involved. According to documents obtained by People, Homer is asking that he and Atlas be “rightful heirs” to their mom’s earthly possessions. 

“The Estate consists of two (2) intestate heirs—Homer Heche Laffoon and Atlas Heche Tupper. Homer Heche Laffoon is an adult and the proposed Administrator. Atlas Heche Tupper is a minor. Filed concurrently with this petition is a Petition for Appointment of Guardian ad Litem for the minor, which specifically requests that the guardian ad litem be granted the authority to waive bond on behalf of the minor.”

In his first statement following the passing of his mom, Homer wrote, “My brother Atlas and I lost our Mom. After six days of almost unbelievable emotional swings, I am left with a deep, wordless sadness. Hopefully, my mom is free from pain and beginning to explore what I like to imagine as her eternal freedom.”

“Over those six days, thousands of friends, family, and fans made their hearts known to me. I am grateful for their love, as I am for the support of my Dad, Coley, and my stepmom Alexi who continue to be my rock during this time.”

Now Heche has been laid to rest at Hollywood Forever “a living place, where people attend movies and concerts and other events,” a place where Homer says his mom “would love…It’s beautiful, serene and she will be among her Hollywood peers.”

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, according to recordings obtained by NBC4, it took first responders at least 20 minutes to get to the vehicle and then another 20 minutes to remove Heche from the vehicle.

A recording revealed firefighters locating the owner of the home and removing her safely around 11:01 a.m. Another firefighter at 11:18 a.m. said there were no other victims. Four minutes later, another responder asks, “Let me clear this up, so, you do have a patient in the car?”

At 11:25 a.m., responders are heard saying, “We have identified one patient, inaccessible at this time, he’s pushed up against the floorboard!” LAFD Deputy Chief Richard Fields explained to NBC4, “I will say that where the person was in the vehicle was not in the driver’s seat, but on the floorboard of the passenger seat.”

It’s unclear how Heche would have ended up in that position. “Given the heavy fire and smoke conditions, it wasn’t that you could clearly see into the vehicle or clearly be able to access it,” Fields told NBC4.

After falling into a coma, Heche was removed from life support one week after her crash. Her organs were donated to matches in need.

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