25 Cool Arctic Baby Names That Celebrate the Rugged Wilderness

If you’re looking for a baby name that celebrates the rugged and wondrous landscape of the Arctic, we’ve got you covered. The Arctic tundra is home to some of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders, from shimmering glaciers to the elusive Northern Lights. Naming your little one after one of these breathtaking features or the wildlife that inhabits this rugged wilderness can be a great way to pay tribute to this unique and beautiful part of the world.

In this post, we will be sharing 25 cool Arctic baby names that are perfect for boys and girls. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our list of unique names that evoke the spirit of the Far North.

Discover the Majestic Arctic Baby Names You Should Consider Below:


Arctic Baby Names

Alaska gets its name from an Aleutian word that means “great land.” The name has never been widely popular in the US, but it has doubled in popularity for baby girls over the last five years.


Arctic Baby Names

Andri is an Icelandic name that means “snowshoe.” It’s currently popular in its native land as well as in Switzerland. It’s a unisex option, but we love it as an alternative to Andrew.


Arctic Baby Names

Aurora, a name of Latin origin that means “dawn,” has exploded in popularity for girls in recent years. The Arctic connection here is, of course, the aurora borealis or Northern Lights. These gorgeous lights fly through the night sky like magic, and we think that makes them a great inspiration for a baby name.


Arctic Baby Names

Polar, Grizzly, and Brown Bears all call the Arctic home. As a name, Bear landed in the top 1000 most popular baby names for boys for the first time in 2019, and it’s been climbing ever since. Bears are as fierce as they are beautiful, making them desirable as baby name inspiration.


Arctic Baby Names

Brooks has established itself as one of the hottest boy names today, ranking in the top 100 right now. Its clear connection to nature is already appealing to most parents, but there is an Arctic connection. Alfred Hulse Brooks is a geologist who a mountain range in northern Alaska is named for.


Arctic Baby Names

Denali names a national park that’s home to the largest mountain in the US. The name is derived from a Native American term that means “the great one.” Denali has become a trendy name today that goes to slightly more girls than boys, but we can see that gap closing in the coming years. We think it sounds fantastic for any baby.


Arctic Baby Names

Baby name database, Nameberry, suggests this name as it belongs to a character in Eowyn Ivey‘s novel The Snow Child. Faina is a little girl who loves the Alaskan woods. To pronounce this Arctic baby name of Greek and Russian origin correctly, say it fah-EE-nah.


Arctic Baby Names

Fox is a furry friend, animal name that belongs to one of the cutest creatures in the Arctic. Fox works as a unisex name, but it is currently more popular for boys in the US. This short, single-syllable name always fits well in the middle for both girls and boys.


Arctic Baby Names

Hudson is currently one of the most popular names for boys in the US, ranking in the top 50. Hudson Bay is an enormous sea bay in the Canadian Arctic that is named for Henry Hudson, the same explorer the Hudson River in New York is named for. Hudson is a name of English origin that means “Hugh’s son.”


Arctic Baby Names

In Finland, Inari names a place at the center of Sami culture. The name is unisex and wears well on both girls and boys. Coincidentally, Inari is a name of Japanese origin associated with a rice deity. Inari is currently rare in the US, but it is completely approachable, and you should consider it.


Arctic Baby Names

Juneau sounds identical to Juno, a Latin goddess of the heavens. Thus, Juneau is often thought of as a name for girls, but we think this spelling offers the opportunity for use with baby boys as well. Juneau, Alaska, got its name from a gold prospector, and it was home to an Arctic gold rush many years ago.


Arctic Baby Names

Lumi is an adorable Finnish name for girls that means “snow.” The name is wildly popular in its native Finland but it is rare in the US today. Lumi works well for a winter baby and we feel it has tons of potential for a baby girl born today.


Arctic Baby Names

Moss is the life force for many animals of the Arctic, including reindeer and caribou. Moss is an English name that means “descendant of Moses.” Moss goes to more baby boys than girls today, but we think it should be considered unisex.


Arctic Baby Names

Kim Kardashian put the idea of using North as a given name into many new parents’ heads. The direction most of us will take to get to the Arctic north proves a fresh option. While it has not totally caught on, as with many celebrity baby names, it takes a few years to stick.

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Arctic Baby Names

So much of the Arctic is defined by the Ocean. Currently, Ocean is one of the fastest-rising baby names for both girls and boys in the US, and it is easy to understand its appeal. For starters, the ocean is beautiful, poetic, and worthy of praise. Secondly, we would be nothing without it, so it is definitely a natural element to celebrate.


Arctic Baby Names

Orion is currently rising at a fast clip for boys in the US. Parents are recognizing it as a solid alternative to the well-worn Ryan. So, what’s the Arctic connection? As Nameberry notes, the constellation of the same name rises in the northern hemisphere and is seen as a sign of the coming winter. The Greek root of this name means “boundary.”


Arctic Baby Names

Ronan is an Irish name for boys with a hidden Arctic meaning of “little seal.” Ronan is a wildly popular name across the UK, and it has been trending upward in a big way in the US since 2001.


Arctic Baby Names

A name that conjures imagery of the sun reflecting off of snow, Suvi is a Finnish name that means “summer.” Suvi presents parents with the perfect alternative to the ubiquitous Susie.


Arctic Baby Names

Taiga comes from Russia and names the snow forest of the Arctic region. It sure sounds like tiger to us, which may or may not appeal to you. We love this name for any baby.


Arctic Baby Names

If Ursula doesn’t hit right for you, consider the shortened form, Ursa. Both names come from Latin and mean “little bear.” That gives it the Arctic connection thanks to the region’s bear population. Further, the constellations, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, light up the northern skies.


Arctic Baby Names

Another name for girls, Eira is a name of Welsh origin that means “snow.” The name is very popular in the UK and in Sweden today, but it is rare in the US. You can help change that, new parents!


Arctic Baby Names

We like the name Wolf for a baby boy. The name is considered German because of its connection to names like Wolfgang or Wolfram. Wolves are gorgeous examples of the wildlife found in the Arctic.


Arctic Baby Names

Neve is a Latinate name and word for “snow.” Parents are just starting to consider this name for girls in the US, and we encourage you to give it a shot.


Arctic Baby Names

A well-known name for boys, Norman is an appellation of English origin that means “Northman” or “Norseman.” We can think of no better name for a dweller from the Arctic than “Northman.”

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Arctic Baby Names

Kodiak names a bear as well as an Arctic island. It is a unisex name derived from an Alutiiq root that means “island.” Kodiak is a rare choice in the US, but we think it has a lot going for it, including the opportunity to use the sweet nickname Kodi.

We hope this list has provided you with some inspiration as you search for the perfect name for your little bundle of joy. Choosing a name that celebrates the beauty and wonder of the Arctic is a unique way to create a connection to nature and pay tribute to the rugged and wondrous landscape of the Far North.

Whether you opt for a name that references a glacier, animal, or natural phenomenon, we are sure that your child’s name will be as special and memorable as they are. Congratulations on this new chapter in your life, and we wish you all the best as you prepare to welcome your little one into the world!

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