25 Baby Names for Girls That Secretly Mean Mother for Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day this year by giving your daughter a name that secretly honors mom! Many baby names for girls have beautiful and subtle meanings that can be used to pay tribute to mothers and Mother’s Day. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern baby name, these 25 names each have a special connection to motherhood that would make any mom feel honored.

Mother’s Day falls on May 14 this year, and many new parents are expecting around this time. There are so many classic baby names that mean mother, as well as some unique options for you to consider. If you’re hunting for a name for a child born in May, you could do no better than one of these awe-inspiring baby names for girls.


baby names that mean mother

Maia also spelled Maya, is a gorgeous name and one of the most fitting for a Mother’s Day baby for a number of reasons. To the ancient Romans, Maia was the embodiment of the earth’s mother and goddess of spring, after whom they named the month of May. 


baby names that mean mother

Gaia is a name found in both Greek and Latin traditions, and it refers to the “earth mother” goddess. The name is finally on the rise today, and we could not be more excited about it.


baby names that mean mother

Cybele is the name of the Greek goddess of fertility, health, and nature. This name means “mother of all gods.” Pronounced SIB-el-ee, this attractive option has never been a popular choice in the US. You can change that!


baby names that mean mother

Yet another name from mythology, Neith refers to an Egyptian goddess and “divine mother.” She holds dominion over the home and feminity. This appellation has never been popular in the US. It would be a very unique option.


baby names that mean mother

Amma is a Tamil name that means “mother.” While popular in South Asia, the name has gone virtually unused in the US. Mix the letters of this name up, and you will get Mama. How appropriate!


baby names that mean mother

Astarte is a name of Phonecian origin belonging to the “mother goddess” holding dominion over fertility and war. This ancient name is criminally overlooked, and we fill it would be a fresh choice.


baby names that mean mother

As you have likely ascertained, there are a bunch of mother goddesses with the same meaning. Demeter is yet another option with the “mother goddess” meaning. The name is of Greek origin and is the root for other options like Demetria and Demi.


baby names that mean mother

Moa is a Swedish name that means “mother,” and it is wildly popular in its native country, ranking in the top 100 names for girls there. Despite its popularity abroad, the name is unknown by most American parents.


baby names that mean mother

Pronounced Lil-eh-more, Lillemore is a Scandinavian favorite that means “little mother.” The name was once extremely popular in the region, especially in Sweden prior to WWII.


baby names that mean mother

Rumina names a Roman goddess of nursing infants and breastfeeding moms. It doesn’t get more appropriate than that for Mother’s Day.


baby names that mean mother

The gorgeous name Emese is of Hungarian origin and means “mother.” It is top 100 name in its native land but is rarely heard outside of it.


baby names that mean mother

Amba is an attractive and approachable name of Sanskrit origin. Amba is a name often related to the Hindu goddess Parvati, who is a fertility god.


baby names that mean mother

A rarity in the US, Madrona is a name of Spanish origin, meaning “mother.” We love the nickname Maddie for this one.

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baby names that mean mother

A name of Hindi and Sanskrit origin, Jarita means “mother” or “legendary bird.” The emphasis goes on the first syllable of this name, giving it a tender sound.


baby names that mean mother

Antigone is a gorgeous Greek name that means “worthy of one’s parents.” The name might sound like a mouthful, but it comes with the Tig nickname baked in. Adorable!


baby names that mean mother

Iyabo is a name traditionally given to honor a deceased grandmother in Yoruba culture. The name means “mother has returned.” How spectacular is that?


baby names that mean mother

Devera’s Latin root means “to sweep away,” a reference to sweeping away evil forces. The name belongs to a Roman goddess and protector of midwives and moms in labor.


baby names that mean mother

Yetunde is another name of Yoruba origin, meaning “mother returned.” This name is common is West Africa but rather rare in the US.


baby names that mean mother

Shima is a name of Japanese origin that can mean “she who is a mom,” depending on the kanji used to construct the name. We love the way it rolls right off the tongue.


baby names that mean mother

Candace is a name of Latin origin that means “queen mother.” The name relates to the ancient title of a dynasty of Ethiopian queens mentioned in the New Testament.


baby names that mean mother

Amai is a brilliant name of Shona origin, meaning “mother.” The name is rare in the US today, making it a very unique option.


baby names that mean mother

Mae is a name that is commonly associated with the name Mary, but in Portuguese, the name means “mother.” It has a vintage appeal to it.


baby names that mean mother

Ema is a name of Estonian origin, meaning “mother.” It could be the perfect anecdote for the ubiquitous name Emma.


baby names that mean mother

Maty is a name of Ukrainian origin, meaning “mother.” It sounds similar to the Matty nickname that is more common for boys. A very cute option.

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baby names that mean mother

Adhiti is a name of Indian origin that means “mother of the gods.” It has a fabulous percussive sound to it that we find very adorable and attractive.

Choose a baby name that pays tribute to mom and helps celebrate all the amazing women in your life! Let’s remember that this special holiday is not just about celebrating our own mothers but all of the moms (biological, adopted, stepmothers, and grandmothers) who have shaped us into the people we are today. Congrats on your little one on the way, and best of luck on your baby name journey!

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