Baby Names

Choosing a name for your baby is one of the biggest decisions a parent must make. After all — with some exception — the name you choose will stay with your child for their entire life. That’s a commitment!

Where does one even begin? Do you name your baby after a beloved family member? Do you take suggestions from friends or family? Do you look to entertainment and pop culture for inspiration? Do you look to the world — its many countries and languages and people — and try to find something that honors your heritage or ancestry? Do you just choose a random beautiful baby name that strikes you while you browse?

While there are countless baby names websites and databases to help you find the perfect name for your little one, it can all feel a little overwhelming. Trust us: We’ve been there! You could get lost for weeks — months, even — reading over name possibilities and still not even see them all.

So we thought we’d try to make finding the perfect name just a little easier for you. Here, you will find expertly-curated editorial lists of baby names for boys and girls. Whether you’re looking for baby boy names, baby girl names, or baby names inspired by, say, nature, space, or rock and roll, we’ve got you covered. Every name on our list includes information on its meaning, origin, or inspiration. After all, names are powerful, and you should be familiar with the power behind the one you choose.

Find your perfect baby name below.

Baby Name Generator

No baby name sounding good? Want a quick way to generate unique baby name ideas? Try our baby name generator below!

Set your terms (sex of the baby, number of letters, popularity, etc.) and then get a list of names that meet your criteria. Maybe the perfect name is just waiting to be generated for you.

Baby Names for Boys

Choosing a name for your baby boy is no easy feat. Do you go classic and traditional? Or are you looking for something with more of a modern edge? Whatever you’re in search of, we’ve got you covered.

Perhaps you’re looking for baby boy names with Swedish origins? Check. Or maybe you’re interested in a list of Arabic boy names? Check. Maybe you aren’t looking for a location-specific baby name and instead would like to look at a list of beautiful, strong 3-syllable names for boys? We’ve got that too.

If you’re having a baby boy, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find expertly-curated lists of baby names for boys in a variety of subcategories. Happy baby name browsing!

Baby Names for Girls

Choosing a name for a baby girl is arguably harder than choosing a name for a boy. The truth is that there are just so many more options when it comes to baby girl names. The classics. The modern classics. Classics spelled in a modern fashion. Bright and cheery spring and floral names. Fashion-inspired names. Names that used to be given almost exclusively to boys but are now more common for girls. The options go on and on.

But it doesn’t have to be so hard. Maybe you’re simply looking for baby girl names with three syllables. (The perfect amount of syllables for a name, we think!) Or maybe a classic Latin name will provide the heft and strength you are looking for. Maybe, just maybe, you want to know what the most popular baby girl names of the last decade were so that you can avoid them. Well, now you know!

If you are in search of a baby name for your girl, we think we’ll have what you’re looking for. Again, our lists always include baby name origins and meanings, so get clicking, start that list, and find the perfect one. Happy hunting!

Baby Names by Origin

Many parents in search of the perfect baby name turn to the world for inspiration. Where are you from; where is your family from? Names carry with them a history, and that history is often cultural. Different names are popular in different parts of the world.

Of course, you don’t need to be from a place to look to it for baby name inspiration. Perhaps your ancestors once lived in a faraway country, and you’d like to honor them with a baby name popular in their motherland. Or perhaps you traveled once to a beautiful, friendly place, where every name sounded like music to your ears. Or maybe you just want to choose a worldly name because you want your baby to grow into a worldly person. 

Whatever the reason, we think our lists of baby names by country or place of origin — from Ireland to Latin America to the Middle East — will help you find the perfect pick.

Unique Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Choosing the right baby name for your little one isn’t easy, period, but if you’re looking to select something a little out-of-the-ordinary, the search can be a little more difficult. After all, it’s easy enough to find lists of the most popular, trendy baby names that are currently shooting up the charts. Often, though, parents are looking for a unique baby name. But not too unique. Just unique enough. (Goldilocks who?!) Not all of us are brave enough to choose an “Apple” or an “X Æ A-Xii” for our babies, but we also want to get a little weirder than “Emma” or “Noah.” These lists of unique baby names for boys and girls collect a range of unique (but not bizarre) baby names for boys and girls that you should consider if you want your baby’s name to look, sound, and be special. 

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