Brazilian Woman, Cleidiane Santos dos Santos, Gives Birth to 16-Pound, 2-Foot Long Baby Boy via C-Section

A 27-year-old Brazilian woman, Cleidiane Santos dos Santos, is currently in recovery mode after giving birth to a 16-pound newborn baby boy that came out of the womb measuring 2 feet long. The baby was delivered via C-section, also known as a cesarean section or cesarean delivery. Everyone is healthy at the moment.

The baby boy, who was named Angerson, was welcomed into the world on January 18th at the Hospital Padre Colombo (HPC) in Parintins, Amazonas State. An OBGYN at the hospital confirmed the mother is continuing her recovery in the neonatal intensive care unit in an interview with a Brazilian newspaper. 

“We are just feeling joy, satisfaction, and gratitude for everything having worked out in this case,” Dr. Artemisia Pessoa told O Globo. She expressed how ‘rare’ and ‘risky’ of a situation it was, considering how large the baby was – for those that have never had a baby, they usually come out half of Angerson’s size.

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Hospital Padre Colombo took to their Instagram to celebrate the birth of baby boy Angerson – as is common practice for the hospital. They shared a photo of one of their doctors checking the baby’s health and taking image exams. While the baby’s face was hidden, you can see how grown he is already!

“Dr. Francisco, conducting the Image Exams in RNs in our HPC Neonatology. He’s doing well but continues the care of our Neo Team. He’s already started breastfeeding, using techniques to suck the mother’s breast,” the hospital wrote in the Instagram caption – translated from Spanish to English.

The mother, Cleidiane Santos dos Santos, also spoke to O Globo and expressed her appreciation for the medical team and praised the care she received. “I don’t know what would have become of me. So I thank each one of them,” she said. Not a lot of mothers can say they’ve had an experience like that. 

According to the American Pregnancy Association, the average newborn weight hovers around 6-9 pounds – about half of what Angerson weighed. In fact, babies don’t normally weigh 16 pounds until they’ve reached six months old. It just goes to show how rare of a childbirth this truly was.

Believe It or Not, Angerson Isn’t the Heaviest Newborn of All-Time

Angerson is something of a giant compared to his counterparts, but his 16-pound weight doesn’t quite make him the heaviest newborn of all time – in fact, he’s not even close. In 1879, a 22-pound newborn (28 in. long) was born to a 7’11’’ mother – ironically, the mother’s name was Giantess Anna Bates

The baby, who never received an official name, was referred to as ‘Babe.’ Unfortunately, Babe passed away 11 hours after his birth. According to Guinness World Records, the mother lost an estimated six gallons of water after her water broke. Still, even he wasn’t the heaviest newborn of all time. 

In 1955, an Italian mother named Sig. Carmelina Fedele gave birth to a 22 lb 8 oz baby boy in Aversa, Italy. There are other instances of heavy newborns, but some of those reports are unreliable. Either way, newborns as heavy as Angerson and the others listed above only happen once in a blue moon. 

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The National Library of Medicine warns that heavy newborns, any baby more than nine pounds, are at a high risk of high blood sugar and breathing problems. As of right now, both Angerson and the mother are healing and recovering – hopefully, they’ll be home and happy as soon as possible!

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