Matthew McConaughey and Wife, Camila McConaughey, Safe After Encountering Heavy Turbulence on Flight That Dropped 4,000 Feet and Hospitalized 7 People

Matthew McConaughey and his wife, Camila McConaughey, were traveling from Texas to Germany on board Lufthansa Flight 469 on Wednesday when a near-death experience caused their lives to flash before their eyes. The airplane was flying about 37,000 feet in the air when it started to free-fall.

The incident occurred while attendants were completing dinner service. The plane suddenly experienced severe turbulence that rocked the plane, causing it to increase altitude before dropping several thousand feet in a free-fall. Food, plates, glasses, luggage, and other items were being thrown from the whiplash. 

The plane ultimately landed safely – without incident – at Virginia’s Washington Dulles International Airport around 9:10 p.m.. While McConaughey and his wife were uninjured, there were 7 passengers who sustained injury – they were immediately cared for upon landing and were sent to a hospital for treatment.

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On Thursday, Camila Alves McConaughey took to Instagram to share her and her husband’s experience – describing the incident as ‘CHAOS.’ According to her sources, the plane dropped nearly 4,000 feet as she recalled everything ‘flying everywhere.’ She shared a brief video that showed some of the wreckage.

“On Flight last night, I was told plane dropped almost 4000 feet, 7 people went to the hospital, Everything was flying everywhere. To respect the privacy of those around me that’s all I am showing but the plane was a CHAOS And the turbulence keep on coming [sic],” she wrote in the caption, along with the video. 

She went on to confirm that her and her husband, Matthew McConaughey, are safe and okay. They were forced to spend the night in Washington and were delighted at the kindness from Marriott Bonvoy in helping them make last-minute arrangements. They ultimately continued their travels the following day.

“[Matthew] and I made it to the bar with 1 minute before closing…slept well, getting on new flight today, To the journey I continue… Karin Lacy was a savior with me until 1am working on new flights!!!” Camila continued. Many people offered their love and support in the comments, including Kelly Rowland.

Camila McConaughey Provides Update on Friday

Despite suffering a terrifying near-death experience just a few days ago, Matthew McConaughey and his wife, Camila McConaughey, continued their traveling on Thursday and safely arrived at their intended destination on Friday. Camila provided an update on Instagram, describing it as ‘turbulent days.’

“After 2 full days of travel caused by the flight severe turbulence delays, I finally arrived at my destination, with gratitude. Thinking of everyone that was on that flight, specially the 7 passengers that went to the hospital and the whole crew who got us to land safely!” she wrote in the caption, while sharing a selfie. 

The photo she shared included a look at her first meal of the day – despite it being midnight. Since she wasn’t given a break from all the traveling, she hadn’t had an opportunity to eat until that moment. “And as I sit here I pray in gratitude,” she concluded in the caption – also translating her words in Portuguese. 

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Matthew McConaughey has yet to share a statement or post about the experience. As for the 7 passengers who were injured, not much is known about what those injuries were or how they’re doing – but everyone is assumed to be okay. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident.

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