Cardi B Criticized for the School Lunch She Packs for Her 4-Year-Old Daughter, But a Pediatric Dietician Came to Her Defense

When Cardi B isn’t in the studio or selling out shows, she’s at home making sure her children are happy, healthy, and enjoying life. And like any other good parent out there, she enjoys packing her daughter’s lunch for school every morning and wasn’t shy about sharing photos of her creations on social media. 

“Kulture school lunch be everything,” she wrote on Twitter – sharing three photos of her daughter’s school lunch, which was prepared by Cardi B. They’re certainly better than any school lunch I had growing up and feature a wide variety of different options to ensure her daughter doesn’t get bored with her lunch. 

Some of the foods featured include chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, corn on the cob, broccoli, cheese sticks, crackers, chips, mixed fruit, yogurt, cereal, and jell-o. Beverages included water, milk, apple juice, Kool-Aid jammers, chocolate milk, and GoGo Squeez packets. There was a little bit of everything. 

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While Cardi B appeared to be proud of her creations, others on social media weren’t as impressed – in fact, some fans were concerned over some of her choices of food and/or beverages. “Not healthy at all.. I’m sorry but u can do better.. get rid of artificial colors flavors and plastic!” wrote one user on Twitter. 

Another user was quick to point out how big the portions were – adding that most school lunches are under a half hour long and her daughter likely won’t have enough time to eat everything. “I’m afraid of all those sugary drinks. I didn’t know a little girl could eat that much,” another user commented on Twitter. 

Of course, not all the comments were negative. A lot of fans were quick to request Cardi B make their lunches from now on and many were praising her for giving her daughter so many choices – adding that she probably shares some of the items with her friends, which is another positive of packing extra snacks.

“Kulture eating good! I packed my kids lunch with extra food because I knew they shared with friends and also so they would have enough to get through the day.  Good job mom!” wrote one fan, while others were understanding of the big portions – considering children are often active throughout the day. 

Registered Pediatric Dietician Comes to the Defense of Cardi B

While parents (and non-parents) took to social media to criticize Cardi B over her daughter’s school lunch, one pediatric registered dietician – Arielle “Dani” Lebovitz – is defending the 30-year-old rapper’s lunch-packing skills. There are certain foods she would replace or remove, but overall they look good. 

In an interview with TODAY, Lebovitz praised Cardi B for including fruits and vegetables with every lunch. And, while she admits the cereal and Froot Loop drink are high in sugar, she adds that they’re often fortified with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that children don’t get enough of on a regular basis. 

With that said, there are two foods, in particular, that Lebovitz would remove from Card B’s school lunches – the sugar-free jell-o and the Kool-Aid Jammers. She believes there are better and more nutritious options than Kool-Aid and would rather children eat regular jell-o, opposed to sugar-free. 

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“But the people commenting have no idea how much this child eats in a day. Maybe she doesn’t have an appetite when she wakes up. Maybe lunchtime is her biggest meal of the day, and that’s when she eats her best,” Lebovitz added. “No one should be judging a mother for what or how much she is packing.”

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