Upcoming Casey Anthony Documentary Vows to ‘Set the Record Straight’ Regarding 2-Year-Old Daughter’s Death

By now, we’ve all heard the story of Casey Anthony – it’s one of the most-watched court cases in TV history. It was 2008 when her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie was reported missing for 31 days by her grandmother. At the time, Casey – the mother of the child – had given a slew of excuses as to where the baby might be. 

Casey Anthony was eventually arrested and charged with the first-degree murder of her child in October 2008. The following month, after a five-month search, her daughter’s skeletal remains were found inside a laundry bag near the family’s home. The murder trial began in May 2011 – two and a half years later. 

The trial lasted six weeks as Anthony faced the death penalty – she pleaded not guilty. In what was one of the most shocking turn of events, Anthony was found not guilty of first-degree murder – as well as child abuse and manslaughter. She did, however, serve a four-year sentence for lying to a police officer. 

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After nearly 14 years of silence, Casey Anthony is finally ready to tell her side of the story – which she will get the opportunity to do in a new documentary. It’ll be her first televised interview as she is given the national spotlight once again. One source close to Anthony said she’s ready to ‘set the record straight.’

The documentary is titled Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies and is set to be released on November 29th on Peacock. Producers of the show revealed she had no part in the creative process and there were absolutely no guidelines to the questions that were asked during the interview – something she agreed to.

Casey Anthony hasn’t said much since her trial – a trial in which she didn’t even testify at. There was one interview with the Associated Press in 2017, which resulted in her saying she didn’t care that most people hate her. She doubled down on her innocence and explained she didn’t do what she was accused of. 

The new documentary comes at a time when film producers and directors are scrambling to share new insights and details about some of the darkest moments in recent history. A good example of this is Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, a series that details one of the most famous serial killers. 

What Has Life Been Like for Casey Anthony?

Upcoming Casey Anthony Documentary Vows to ‘Set the Record Straight’ Regarding
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In 2011, Casey Anthony was sentenced to four years in prison after being found guilty of four counts of lying to police – one year for each count. At the time, she had already spent nearly three years in prison and only had to spend another 10 days in prison after the sentencing. She was released on July 17, 2011.

In her 2017 interview with the AP, she vaguely and briefly explained what life has been like since getting out of prison. While she has tried to sustain a social life in the years since she largely keeps a low profile and tries to stay far away from the public eye. She has also had several romances in the past few years.

“Every few months, a story about what she’s doing is published, and you guys [the media] just say whatever you want to say. But now she feels like it’s time for her to set the record straight and say what she needs to say. She wants her voice to be heard,” said a source close to Casey back in April. 

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Casey Anthony has been labeled one of the most hated moms of all time. Even though she was found not guilty of murdering her child, her story has long been haunting her image – as well as that of her family. Nonetheless, she’s hoping her new documentary allows her to set the record straight once and for all.

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