Caterina Scorsone Details the Moment She Had to Help Her 3 Kids Escape From their Burning House a Few Months Ago

On April 3, Caterina Scorsone – who plays Dr. Amelia Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy – took to her Instagram to reflect on the moment she realized her house was on fire. The tragedy occurred a few months back when she was getting her three kids – Eliza, 10, Paloma, 6, and Lucky, 3 – ready for bed. 

They were finishing up bath time when Scorsone noticed smoke seeping through the grout underneath the bathtub. She immediately ran to the hallway and that’s when she saw a ‘river of thick black smoke’ filling the house. Knowing that time was of the essence, she acted fast and rushed her kids to safety. 

“One thing about fires: they happen fast. I had about two minutes to get my three kids out of the house, and we escaped with less than shoes on our feet. But we got out. And for that I am eternally grateful,” she wrote in the caption – sharing a photo of what remained of the home after the fire was extinguished.

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While Caterina Scorsone and her three children were unharmed in the fire, she, unfortunately, revealed that she ‘heartbreakingly’ lost all four of her pets – which includes three adorable cats and a very lovable dog. It’s a stark reminder that sometimes, in life-and-death scenarios, hard decisions must be made. 

Instead of focusing on the details and cause of the fire, Caterina decided to take the time to thank all of those who showed their love and support in the aftermath of the fire. She wanted her post to be more about community and less about fire – adding that it was her ‘team’ that ‘made everything easier’ for her. 

“This is a love letter to the incredible people that showed up and the incredible ways that they did,” she wrote. She personally thanked the firefighters, investigators, and her neighbor – who answered her ‘frantic knocks at the door’ as the house lit up in flames. It was a tragic night, but one filled with love. 

She also thanked the many parents at her children’s school for sending books and toys to keep her kids entertained as they mourned, her friends at Grey’s Anatomy and Shondaland for sending clothes and supplies, and her sisters for flying into town to ‘handle logistics so that I could be with my kids.’

Caterina Scorsone Reveals the Lesson She Learned

Caterina Scorsone concluded her Instagram caption with the one lesson she learned amid the chaos – that community trumps everything. She learned that nothing would be possible if it weren’t for the loving and caring people she surrounds herself with. She feels an intense rush of gratitude for those people. 

“What we learned is that the only thing that matters are the people (and beings) that you love. The only thing that matters is community. We would not be here without it and we are so grateful. Thank you,” she wrote. Alongside the photo of her burnt home, she also shared several photos of her adorable furry pets. 

“Here are some photos to honor the space we once called home, to say goodbye to the animals that loved us so well, and to celebrate that we have the only thing we ever really needed: each other. -Love, Caterina ❤️” she concluded. She lost a lot in the fire, but we’re happy to hear she and her kids are safe. 

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Caterina Scorsone shares her three children with RobGiles, who she married in 2009. They were together for more than 10 years before separating in March 2020 and divorcing in May 2020. Her middle daughter, Paloma (Pippa) was born with Down syndrome, as well as other cognitive disabilities.

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