Christina Perri Shares Adorable Photo of 4-Year-Old Daughter Holding Her ‘Magical Double Rainbow Baby Girl’ – It’ll Make Your Heart Melt!

When Christina Perri gave birth to her newest baby girl on October 22nd, she received exactly what she and her husband Paul Costabile have wanted since 2020 – a second child. It has been a long and trying journey for the couple, but they finally added to their growing family and things couldn’t be more perfect. 

In an Instagram photo on Wednesday, Nov. 2, the singer-songwriter shared a special moment between her newborn – named Pixie Rose – and four-year-old daughter – named Carmella Stanley. Carmella was pictured holding her younger sis in a black-and-white photo that featured two beautiful and lively smiles.

“Brb never gonna recover from this photo. Our libra pixie girl has brought balance to our family and she knows it,” said Perri in the caption. You can tell the family is excited to begin this new chapter in their life, especially considering all they had to go through to get here – it hasn’t been easy, but they’re here.

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Christina Perri and Paul Costabile have been married since December 2017 – they got engaged six months prior and had her first daughter in January 2018. Within a year, the couple’s entire lives changed as they went from boyfriend and girlfriend to married parents in the blink of an eye – but they were happy. 

Things started taking a turn for the worse in January 2020, when they announced they suffered a miscarriage at 11 weeks. The couple kept their faith and announced they were pregnant for the third time in July of that year. Just four months later, they revealed their heartbreaking stillbirth in November 2020. 

On May 23, 2022, the couple announced they were trying again as Perri was pregnant for the fourth time. Five months later, she gave birth to Pixie after two pregnancy losses. She labeled her newborn a “magical double rainbow baby girl” in an Instagram photo commemorating the successful and healthy childbirth. 

A ‘rainbow baby’ refers to a baby that’s born after a pregnancy loss – since Perri and Costabile suffered two pregnancy losses, their baby is a ‘double rainbow baby.’ According to the National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW), roughly one million pregnancies end in a miscarriage or stillbirth every year.

Christina Perri Will Never Forget Her Stillborn Baby, Rosie

Christina Perri has been open about the pain, anger, and sadness she felt over the past few years as she tried for a second child with Paul Costabile. In a July interview with PEOPLE, she explained how there were times she ‘couldn’t even see a future version of me.’ It’s something many women can relate to. 

“I don’t know if Paul or I will ever not feel that longing for Rosie. But she will always be in my heart,” said Perri of her stillborn, who they named Rosie. In an effort to pay tribute to their late daughter, Christina got a tattoo of her name across her chest and a second tattoo of a rose on her hand. They’ll be there forever.

“After every doctor’s appointment there was joy & relief. ⁣with each kick and wiggle there was joy. This darling baby girl inside me has already changed our lives for the better. ⁣she has taken our broken hearts, ⁣lifted us up, and made us fly⁣,” said Perri in an Instagram caption not long before giving birth to Pixie. 

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Christina Perri released a studio album titled A Lighter Shade of Blue on July 15, 2022, after releasing lullaby albums in 2019 and 2021 – one for Carmella and one for Rosie. Now that she has a new daughter and a new miracle to write about, we can expect some new music once she has a chance to settle down.

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