Courtney Clenney Heard Apologizing to Boyfriend in 911 Call After Stabbing Him to Death

It has been almost seven months since Courtney Clenney fatally stabbed her boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, in her high-rise apartment in Miami, Florida. The couple was in the middle of a heated argument when she stabbed him with a kitchen knife – allegedly out of self-defense.

She was eventually arrested in Hawaii in August and charged with second-degree murder a few days later. While she has been waiting for trial, several new body cam footage and audio from the original 911 call have been released – giving greater insight into what went down in April. 

In the audio, Christian can be heard in the background screaming for help – adding “I can’t feel my arm” as it gradually went numb. Also in the video, Clenney can be heard apologizing to her boyfriend – saying ‘Baby, I’m so sorry,’ as she pleaded for someone to come save him. 

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Although her defense team is arguing that she was acting out of self-defense – using the audio as evidence that she didn’t intend to hurt him – the prosecutors aren’t buying it. They’re arguing that her apology stemmed from the realization of what she had done, knowing she did wrong. 

“The audio of Courtney’s call to 911 is clearly not an admission of guilt; it is a human and humane reaction to the traumatic events and actions she took to save her life that night,” said her lawyer Frank Prieto, adding “her actions that evening was taken in defense of her own life.”

Larry Handfield, who’s representing Christian’s family, argued that “She’s saying she’s sorry because she’s realizing what she’s done. She’s not saying, ‘I was defending myself.’” Christian’s family has also spoken out, arguing that he wasn’t the type to abuse women, citing his strong morals. 

Courtney Clenney, a former OnlyFans model with several million followers on Instagram, is pleading not guilty as she awaits trial. She was originally booked in Hawaii but has since been extradited to Florida as she awaits trial. She was denied bond and remains in a jail cell. 

Courtney Clenney and Christian Obumseli Have a Rough History

Courtney Clenney Heard Apologizing to Boyfriend in 911 Call After Stabbing Him to Death
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As new evidence pours in regarding the relationship between Courtney Clenney and Christian Obumseli, things aren’t looking good for the former OnlyFans model. The two have a rough history of abuse.

Just two months before allegedly stabbing her boyfriend in the chest, Clenney was seen fighting her boyfriend in an elevator. The two separated not long after and Christian moved out of the apartment, but they reconciled a few days later and he moved back in. The arguing continued. 

In fact, they argued so much that police were constantly responding to calls, and residents of the building started to grow angry with the couple – they almost faced eviction as a result of their constant fighting. 

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There was also an incident the day before the stabbing, where Clenney was asking police for a restraining order against Christian – adding that she feared for her life. There’s obviously a lot left to unpack as we await trial, so stay tuned as we learn more about that fateful night.

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