Dakota Johnson Finally Addresses the Video That Appears to Show Her Noticing Johnny Depp’s Injured Finger

As it has been reported at length, during Johnny Depp’s testimony during his trial in which he sued ex-wife Amber Heard for defamation, Depp explained how one of their explosive fights during their marriage led to his finger being severed. Now Dakota Johnson is speaking out about how she got wrapped into it.

Depp claimed that Heard threw a broken wine bottle at him which ultimately injured his finger. Heard denied his claims countering that Depp injured himself.

Dakota Johnson Finally Addresses the Video That Appears to Show Her Noticing Johnny Depp’s Injured Finger

Dakota Johnson

As a result of the stories being part of the testimony during their civil trial, fans who knew of a video showcasing Depp and actress Dakota Johnson started circulating it again. According to BuzzFeed News, the video appears to show Johnson acknowledging Depp’s injured finger while they were promoting the movie Black Mass in 2015.

The video went viral again on YouTube in May. The video was titled “The EXACT Moment Dakota Johnson KNEW Amber Heard Was VIOLENT Towards Johnny Depp…”

Now Johnson is speaking out about the alleged video. More specifically, as BuzzFeed reports, Johnson is addressing how she felt about becoming a talking point as the trial captivated the world.

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“I was like, For the love of God, why? Why am I involved in this?” she said while shaking her head while talking with Vanity Fair. While admitting she saw the video everyone was talking about, she also admitted she could hardly recall the interaction or what Depp said to her.

“I don’t remember that at all, but please, take me out of this,” she said. “Don’t let this go further. Can you imagine, oh, my God, if I was called to the witness stand?”

Johnson admitted she was shocked by just how many people were captivated by the trial. “I can’t believe that people are watching [the trial] like it’s a show,” she said. “It’s like it’s a courtroom drama and my heart breaks.”

dakota johnson

“It’s so, so, so crazy. Humans are so f*cking weird. The internet is a wild, wild place,” she added. While Johnson wouldn’t comment further on the trial specifically, she did share her thoughts on cancel culture.

“The whole concept behind canceling a human being, like they’re an appointment. No person will not make mistakes in their life. The point of being alive is figuring it out.”

And although she firmly believes in people facing consequences for their actions, especially if they harm another person, she doesn’t like “the concept of the Twitterverse deciding if someone just all of a sudden doesn’t exist anymore is horrifying, heartbreaking, and wrong.”

Ultimately, Johnson believes “people can change.” “I want to believe in the power of a human being to change and evolve and get help and help other people,” she added.

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