David Foster Opens Up About Being a New Father in His 70s: ‘I Haven’t Regretted a Single Day of It’

In February of last year, David Foster and Katharine McPhee welcomed their first child – a son named Rennie David. It’s something Foster never thought would happen in his 70s, but that hasn’t stopped him from feeling blessed, adding that he hasn’t ‘regretted a single day of it.’ 

In an interview with PEOPLE, the couple spoke about the release of their newest Christmas album, but their adorable son got brought up multiple times – something any parent can relate to. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say the two are enjoying every minute with little Rennie David. 

“He’s so much fun. We’re having such a great time, and we’re incredibly busy. We wish we weren’t traveling quite as much, but we get to take our little guy with us for most of this stuff,” said McPhee of her first and only child. The couple certainly has their plates full at the moment.

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David Foster, who turns 73 on November 1st, now has six children – including five daughters from previous relationships. He opened up about not being there for them as much as he would’ve liked but added he’s taking a much different approach with his first and only son. 

“It’s the standard thing of like, ‘Oh, well you were so young when you had your children and you were working day and night, you never saw them.’ I was just working a lot. Even though I’m working a lot now, I’ll cancel anything just to hang with him. It’s just different,” said Foster. 

Considering how talented Foster and McPhee are with their music, it’s no surprise to see their son taking such a strong interest in music. The couple has already shared several videos of Rennie David playing the drums and piano – he’s already showing a lot of natural talent. 

“Kids, strangely, will do something for a while and then it’ll amaze you and then they just drop it and they don’t do it anymore. So we don’t know if the drumming thing is here to stay,” said McPhee, adding she would rather him ‘have a tennis racket in his hand,’ but is happy either way.

David Foster and Katharine McPhee Set to Release New Christmas Album on Friday

David Foster Opens Up About Being a New Father in His 70s: “I Haven’t Regretted a Single Day of It”
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Nearly five years after David Foster threw a Christmas party in an effort to ‘woo’ then-girlfriend Katharine McPhee, the married parents have finally released a Christmas album. The album, titled Christmas Songs,’ is set to be released on November 25th – a month before Christmas. 

“I think I guilted David. I said something like, ‘It’s really crazy I’m married to the greatest producer, basically of our lifetime, and I’ve only had you record me on a few songs.’ Then he said, ‘OK, well, why don’t we just do a Christmas album?'” said McPhee in her latest interview.

The album will feature seven Christmas tunes that we’ve all come to love so dearly, but with a McPhee-Foster touch to it. She also announced that they’ve already started planning shows and promotions for the album, turning a small project into a full-blown album – and we can’t wait!

“I got to make the tracks and do things the way I wanted to, then I’d have her come in and plug her vocal in. It was really fun. There were a couple of songs we were talking about that we didn’t know whether she could handle or not, but she handled them like a pro, said Foster to PEOPLE.

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Foster has a history of creating Christmas albums – doing so for Michael Bublé, Céline Dion, JoshGroban, Andrea Bocelli, Rod Stewart, and Mary J. Blige – but this one is special as it’s one of the first projects the couple has worked on together. You can listen to the album on Friday!

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