Deion Sanders Hilariously Provides Updated Power Rankings of His Children Following Latest Win

Most parents with multiple children would never admit to liking one child more than another, but that’s not how Deion Sanders rolls – in fact, he believes that’s an unrealistic way to parent multiple children. Instead, Sanders – who now goes by Coach Prime – takes a different approach to parenting his five kids. 

In typical Coach Prime fashion, Sanders openly ranks his children in order of how much he likes them – much like we do in sports when we release weekly, monthly, or yearly power rankings. It might sound a bit ridiculous to those who don’t know or haven’t followed Coach Prime, but it’s on par with his personality. 

And if you don’t believe us, he recently spoke about ranking his children in a press conference following his most recent win as head coach of the University of Colorado football team. For those who don’t know, two of his five children play for him on the team, while another one of his kids handles his social media. 

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During the press conference, Deion Sanders was asked if Shilo Sanders – a safety on his father’s football team – was moving up his ranks after forcing two turnovers in their most recent win against rival Colorado State. It resulted in Coach Prime giving a hilarious response that took social media by storm. 

“He is moving on up like The Jefferson’s. But Shedeur is straight-up balling too. Bossy came in and gave me the biggest hug and kiss and appreciation for ‘daddy’ that she could ever give me at the end of the game. So that was great. Junior’s been balling – what he does on social media is fascinating,” he said. 

Shedeur Sanders is the Buffaloes’ starting quarterback, while Bossy is what he calls his 19-year-old daughter, Shelomi Sanders (who plays for the Colorado basketball team). He also mentioned Junior, which refers to his 29-year-old son named Deion Sanders Jr. – who runs his father’s social media pages.

“It’s tough. My kids’ rankings are tough. It’s a serious run right now. It really is. It’s a serious run right now,” he says of all the success his kids are enjoying. “I’m the only one that’s honest about ranking my kids. You guys act like you love all of them the same and you don’t. I don’t know why you all act like that.” 

Deion Sanders Has Been Ranking His Kids for Years

Deion Sanders ranking his children has been met with mixed reactions – some people think it’s toxic, some people think it’s hilarious, and others think it’s a realistic way to parent. One thing we do know is that Coach Prime is a family man who deeply loves all of his children and treats them all with respect. 

With that said, his rankings have been a running joke for quite some time. It started going viral not that long ago when he posted his updated rankings on his Instagram page. The post has since been deleted and it was wishing his eldest son, Deion Sanders Jr., a happy birthday. Of course, Jr. was #1 in the ranks. 

It’s important to note that Deion Sanders Jr. was controlling his father’s social media at the time and it’s very likely that he was the one who posted it – which has many people believing it was a joke. So, while Coach Prime has been known to rank his kids, we can’t verify that those are his actual rankings. 

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Either way, it’s funny to see and even funnier to hear him talk about it in a presser. Aside from the four kids we mentioned above (Deion Sanders Jr., 29, Shilo Sanders, 23, Shedeur Sanders, 21, and Shelomi Sanders, 19) Sanders has one other child – his eldest daughter named Deiondra Sanders, 31.

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