Hearts Break for Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter as She Talks About Devastating House Fire

Many are sharing their thoughts and prayers with Dog the Bounty Hunter and his daughter, Bonnie Chapman after she experienced a devastating and life-altering event.

According to TMZ, Bonnie lost her home to a massive house fire. In a statement shared with the news outlet, Bonnie explained that she and her boyfriend Ismael were at work when they received a call.

Hearts Break for Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter, Bonnie as She Talks About Devastating House Fire

The home they were renting in Fishersville, Virginia was on fire. Bonnie quickly rushed home hoping they may have had the wrong home. But she knew that wasn’t the case as she arrived.

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Bonnie explained that nearly everything in her home was destroyed. She also announced the devastating news that all of her pets had also parishes in the fire. Bonnie had a dog, three cats, a gecko, and a pet snake.

Her beloved pets’ causes of death was smoke inhalation.

However, Bonnie said she found comfort in the one thing that did survive the flames, her mother’s ashes. “I lost some of the photos of my mother and some of the belongings of hers, but I was able to salvage some of them. I was able to salvage the ashes I have of my mother’s and that was one of my main worries.”

Currently, the fire is still under investigation. But preliminary results show that the fire department believes that the fire was caused by an electrical issue.

Bonnie was distraught while explaining what had happened to TMZ. “When I arrived at the scene, the fire chief had initially told me they had found two cats and that they were looking for any other animals. And as they continued their search, they did indeed find all of my animals. They were all without injury, but they had all passed due to smoke inhalation.”

Bonnie continued saying she plans to honor her pets’ lives by commissioning a portrait of her beloved animals and creating rings with their ashes once they are cremated. “I’m gonna keep them with me at all times. They filled my life with so many memories.”

“My oldest cat, Plum, she was my mother’s favorite. They were both divas and I hope my mom is really happy to have Plum with her.” Bonnie says she will not be starting a GoFundMe at this time.

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