Drew Barrymore Comforted By Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston While She Documents Her First Perimenopause Hot Flash in the Middle of Her Talk Show

Drew Barrymore is known for keeping it real – it’s what fans love about her and it’s what her colleagues respect about her. Whether it’s with marriage, divorce, motherhood, Hollywood, or anything else that life throws at her, the 48-year-old will always show her fans the reality of the situation – often unfiltered. 

And that’s exactly what her fans saw during a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show on CBS. She welcomed two of her biggest friends in Hollywood onto her show – Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston – to promote their newest movie, Murder Mystery 2, and things got heated (quite literally, not figuratively). 

In the middle of their conversation, Drew Barrymore randomly announced that she was starting to feel hot – as if a sudden heat wave rushed through her body. Instead of playing it off as if nothing was happening, Barrymore decided to give her fans the reality of it – she was having her first perimenopause hot flash.

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“I’m so hot. I think I’m having one of my first perimenopause hot flashes,” says Drew Barrymore as she starts to take off her blazer – in an attempt to cool herself off. “For the first time, I think I’m having my first hot flash – wow!” she continues as she starts to fan herself. You can tell this wasn’t an act for attention.


I either had my first perimenopause hot flash or got really exciting! Maybe both? @thedrewbarrymoreshow

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While Barrymore fans herself, Jennifer Aniston helps adjust her microphone and jokes, “Oh, I feel so honored” – which makes everyone, including Drew, laugh. She then apologizes and asks Aniston if she can feel the heat coming off her body. Placing her hand on Drew’s neck, Aniston says, “Internal heat.” 

“Or maybe I’m just that excited,” Barrymore says as Adam Sandler grabs her hand to confirm – “It’s a warm hand. Yeah, you got a hot hand,” he says. “That’s good because it was cold, that would be worrisome,” Drew says – adding that she’s so glad she’s having this real-life moment documented. 

Sandler continues to joke around by saying the hot flashes are usually met with ‘a very heavy, like anger mood swing’ and asks Barrymore if she can bring that out too. The camera pans to Barrymore, who continues the joke by mean-mugging Sandler before laughing it off. It was a wholesome, real moment!

Drew Barrymore Talks Menopause With Gayle King

Just a few days before her on-air perimenopause hot flash, Drew Barrymore was a guest on CBS Mornings with Gayle King. The two were joined by Nikki Battiste and had a conversation about menopause as Gayle and Drew talked about their experience and the one word they use to describe it. 

Gayle described it as ‘reality,’ while Barrymore described it as ‘natural.’ Barrymore first realized she was going through perimenopause – the period when the body begins to transition into menopause – when she started having her period every two weeks. She explained that her period was like ‘a heavy flow.’ 

“One doctor also just told me, like, this could last, on the worst case scenario, 10 years. And I was like, ‘I will never make it 10 years like this,’” she candidly said. And when Gayle brought up her experience with hot flashes, Barrymore said she hadn’t had that experience yet – that is, until her most recent show. 

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King and Barrymore went on to talk about the importance of having conversations about menopause with their children and the youth, in general. They feel it’s time we start to normalize those conversations – not only so women don’t feel alone when that day comes, but so they’re prepared and know what to expect.

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