Dylan Dreyer Posts Heartfelt Story Behind Stunning Breastfeeding Photo

Dylan Dreyer is opening up about a stunning photo of her breastfeeding her 7-month-old son.

“Yes, this is 100% definitely without a doubt a sweet moment between mother and son captured with perfect lighting,” she began her most recent post.

“It is in no way a ‘1am how could you possibly be hungry again you literally just ate why can’t you sleep soundly for 5 minutes what’s with all the grunting ugh you just peed through your jammies how are we out of diapers crap I left the flashlight on and can’t reach it and damn I wish I had a hair tie’ moment. Leave it to @fishlense to always find the good in the what feels like not so good moments. I’m telling you, you guys gotta get a cameraman in your life! #findthegood#capturethosemoments

In October, the TODAY meteorologist gave a positive update on her third child, Russell James Fichera, from her hospital room at New York-Presbyterian Hospital after he was born 6-months-early!

“He’s in such good hands up in the NICU, which actually takes a lot of pressure off of me,” Dylan said. “He’s doing wonderful, he’s gaining weight, he’s breathing on his own, and he’s doing awesome.

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“He just was in such a rush. I thought he could at least wait until today because today officially is 34 weeks. I guess that’s just a huge milestone in baby world.”

Russell was born at 2:38 a.m. on Wednesday, weighing 5 pounds, 5 ounces. Early Sunday night, Dylan’s water broke six weeks early.

“I’m glad I got here when I did because they were able to give me two rounds of steroids, and that was enough to kind of boost his lungs,” Dylan said. “When he was first born he just had a little bit of oxygen, but ever since he’s been really breathing on his own.

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“He is gaining weight, which is awesome, I mean not much, but the fact that he started off 5 pounds, 5 ounces six weeks early is not a bad thing.”

Russell is Dylan and husband Brian Fichera’s third son, joining Calvin, 4, and 1-year-old Oliver. They had planned on having a November baby but things changed!

“Which is wild because I really only have winter babies,” Dylan said. “Calvin was December, Ollie was January, and I was like ‘OK let’s kick off the holiday season in early November with little baby Rusty. ‘

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