Gender Reveal Takes a Turn for the Worse When Daughter Becomes Upset That She’s Going to Have Another Baby Brother

A gender reveal is supposed to be a celebratory event where parents, friends, and other family members finally learn the sex of a couple’s incoming baby. And while most people are going to have a preferred gender for the baby, their preference shouldn’t override their excitement – no matter what the gender is.

While that’s normally the case, things took a turn for the worse for one pregnant Utah mother. Already a mother to three children – son Zakkri, 6, daughter Vienna, 4, and son True, 2 – Angela Holm decided to give each of her kids a cupcake with colored frosting inside for their own little family gender reveal. 

It took them a few bites to get to the center of the cupcake, but when they did they saw that the frosting was blue – indicating Holm and her husband, Scout Holm, were about to have a third son. While the two boys seemed unfazed at the reveal, it was her daughter who took major exception to the announcement.

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“It’s a boy. I wanted it to be a girl,” Vienna Holm said as she began to cry. Her mother tried to comfort her, but Vienna responded, “But it’s blue, I wanted pink” and later exclaimed that she doesn’t like brothers and really ‘wanted a baby sister’ – fighting tears as her older and younger brothers sat right next to her. 

In an interview with TODAY, Angela Holm (the mother) talked about how surprised and shocked she was at her daughter’s reaction. Vienna had previously told her mother she didn’t care what gender the baby was and even gave a reason – her younger brother, True, was ‘so cute.’ Unfortunately, things changed. 

“The night before the gender reveal she said to me, ‘Mom, it’s OK if we have a baby brother because True is so cute. So when I found out it was going to be a boy, I thought she’d be totally fine. I never expected her to cry or freak out,” Angela said – adding she fully expects her daughter to have a baby sister soon. 

Angela, who has 10 siblings of her own, went on to explain how she and her husband want to be parents to a large family. While Vienna will have to deal with another brother soon, there’s a good chance that baby sister comes along eventually – when that day comes, she’ll finally get what she’s been asking for.

Instagram Users Feel Vienna’s Pain During Gender Reveal

When Angela Holm posted the video of her gender reveal on Instagram for everyone to see, she didn’t expect it to draw the attention of millions of people. Nonetheless, her post – which was posted on February 10 – accumulated nearly 1.7 million likes and nearly 20,000 comments in the past two months.

A lot of the comments were directed towards Vienna and how they felt her pain – either from previous experience or through their own personal preferences when it comes to siblings. “I say this went exactly like expected. Of course she wants a sister, she has enough brothers already,” one user commented. 

“My mom has a video of me finding out my last brother was a boy… they played it for me the week before my wedding ???? I have 5 brothers, it’s awesome but I feel her pain!” a comment read, while another user wrote, “As someone with two brothers I am with Vienna on this. She is absolutely right and I would cry too.”

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It’s not all bad for Vienna, though. One user was looking on the bright side of things – writing that she’ll be the lone recipient of all of momma’s hand-me-down jewelry if she remains the only girl. Still, a lot of users who commented are now hoping their next child – whenever he/she comes – is a girl, for Vienna’s sake. 

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