Grandma Says Daycare Sent Baby Home with Skull Fracture and Never Mentioned It Until He Went to the Hospital

A Charlotte, North Carolina mother knew something was wrong with her baby boy when she picked him up from his daycare and he seemed a bit off. On July 27, 3-month-old Kaiden was dropped off at his daycare like any other day.

However, something was different when his mom picked him up at the end of the day and Kaiden’s grandmother noticed it too when they arrived home. In an interview with WSOC-TV, Tonya Johnson explained that once her grandson got home he began to check him out.

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That’s when she discovered a large bump on the back of the little boy’s head. “I said, ‘Take him to the hospital.’”

Once Kaiden arrived at their local emergency room, doctors performed a CT scan. It was then that they discovered the 3-month-old’s skull had been fractured. Johnson didn’t waste any time going to Kaiden’s daycare, Bright Path Child Development Center, to get answers as to what happened to the baby boy.

It was later revealed that Kaiden had been involved in an accident while under the daycare’s care. Something they didn’t tell Kaiden’s mom when she picked him up.

Grandma Says Daycare Sent Baby Home with Skull Fracture and Never Mentioned It Until He Went to the Hospital

“She said about time to go home that Kaiden was wiggling and wiggling,” Johnson told WSOC-TV. “She dropped him on the floor. And no, she did not report to anybody that it happened.” According to the daycare’s director, Andrei Grier, the employee responsible for dropping Kaiden had never had a problem or had been accused of dropping the child before.

“She has been an excellent employee and excellent caregiver,” Grier said. “It’s just very unfortunate.” She has since been fired.

According to Grier, prior to COVID-19, Bright Path Child Development Center had an open-door policy in which parents were allowed to come and go as they pleased to check on their child. “We actually called and actually reported the incident ourselves to make sure everyone understands we are trying to be as transparent as we possibly can be. We just want the parents and the family to know that we are here for them.”

Thankfully, Kaiden is expected to make a full recovery. “Kaiden is doing fine right now. He is laughing and back to himself,” Johnson told WSOC. However, she also had some words of advice to other daycare employees.

Grandma Says Daycare Sent Baby Home with Skull Fracture and Never Mentioned It Until He Went to the Hospital | “She dropped him on the floor."

“You just gotta be careful, be more careful. And if something the least little thing, especially if it is a baby, don’t try to hide it or keep it a secret. Say something.”

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The family has been with the daycare center for a while and this is their first problem with the establishment. It is unclear if they will keep Kaiden enrolled or not.

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