Heather Dubrow Reveals Her 12-Year-Old Child is Coming Out as Transgender and Changing Name to Ace

Heather Dubrow and husband Terry Dubrow have always embraced their children’s unique and different personalities. The couple has decided to use their platform as reality television stars to spread awareness over the beauty behind watching their teenagers explore who they are and who they ultimately want to be. 

Heather and Terry have been married since 1999 and share four children together – 19-year-old twins Maximillia (Max) and Nicholas (Nick), 16-year-old daughter Katarina (Kat), and 12-year-old son Ace. The family has been in the spotlight their entire life, but this time it’s Ace that’s getting all the attention. 

This past weekend, Heather Dubrow took to Instagram to celebrate ‘International Son’s Day.’ Instead of honoring her son, Nick, she wrote a caption honoring her new son Ace – who she revealed came out as transgender at 12 years old. He used to be known as Collette (Coco), but has changed his name to Ace.

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“Our job as parents is to give our kids a safe and supportive environment so they can grow up as healthy, happy, confident, independent humans. Since Ace is a 12 year old child, with a long life ahead of him – we will let him tell his own story someday if he chooses to do so,” Heather Dubrow wrote in her caption. 

Over the past few years, many fans have pointed out Ace’s clothing selection as being masculine. While he used to wear dresses in some photos, he was now choosing to wear suits and other ‘boy-ish’ clothes – as some people called them. Nonetheless, Heather has always supported his clothing choices and outfits.

“All we can say is Ace, we love you so much and we are proud to be your parents. Your brother and sisters love and support you too ❤️” she concluded her caption. She shared a photo of a beach the family must’ve stayed at recently. In the sand, she (or her son) had written ‘ACE’ in big letters, likely with a stick.

Many fans showed their support for Ace and Heather in the comments section – one user commenting, “This is a great example of parenting and showcasing love and acceptance. It’s truly wholesome to see kids growing up in an environment that encourages them to blossom and be themselves.”

Heather Dubrow Also Has a Bisexual (Max) and Lesbian (Kat) Daughter

While Ace is the first child of Heather Dubrow to come out as transgender, the 54-year-old mother of four is no stranger to her children exploring their sexuality/gender. Her 19-year-old twin daughter, Maximillia, has previously come out as bisexual and her 16-year-old daughter, Katarina, has come out as lesbian. 

Max made her bisexual announcement at 16 years old in June 2020 when she posted a photo to her Instagram account during Pride Month – which she captioned ‘straight-ish.’ She went on to write and publish a book titled I’ll Give It to You Straightish: What Your Teen Wants You To Know the following year. 

In February 2022, her younger sister made her lesbian announcement at 15 years old via a statement by Heather Dubrow. She explained how Kat told the family in a group text – which Heather hilariously didn’t see right away. She responded to the text by asking who let the dogs poop in the house before reading it. 

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“We’ve got four kids, they are different genders, different sexualities, and all at interesting places in their lives, figuring out who they are and where they belong as humans,” she said of her children in February 2022. Now with Ace coming out as transgender, she has even more to embrace and support.

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