25 Big, Bold Hero Names for Girls That Are On the Rise Today

Powerful hero names are on the rise for baby girls today. Parents are turning to storied names, especially those from mythology and the arts, to give to their daughters. These baby names pack a punch and are immediately evocative of a powerful sentiment, character, or person from history. These appellations strike the perfect balance between power and beauty, which has increasingly become popular among new parents today.

We decided to round up dozens of hero names for girls that are currently trending right now to introduce you to a host of options for your baby girl. We leaned heavily into names from mythology as the vast majority of names in that class are red-hot at the moment. Take a look at our inspired picks, and maybe, just maybe, you will find the right fit for your heroic daughter.


Hero Names for Girls

The girl’s name Athena has grown in popularity over the last two decades! Which is wonderful because this storied name really is beautiful. Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, and Athens is named after her. Thus, the meaning of this name is “from Athens.”


Hero Names for Girls

Aurora is the Roman goddess of sunshine. How precious would that sentiment be for your daughter? The name Aurora means “dawn.”The name is firmly in the top 50 most popular baby names for girls.


Hero Names for Girls

Clio is the name of the ancient Greek mythological muse of history and heroic poetry. The storied name for girls means “glory.” It makes for a great alternative to Cleo or Cleopatra.


Hero Names for Girls

The name Delia means “born from the island of Delos.” In Greek mythology, Delos is a magical island that both Apollo and Artemis called home. Delia has such a sweet sound to it. It is also an epithet of the moon goddess Artemis, making it a goddess hero name.


Hero Names for Girls

The name Freya comes from Norse mythology, and she is the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty. The name means “noble,” and it had been growing in popularity in the UK before crossing the pond and becoming a hit in the US as. well. Freya is a gorgeous hero name for a girl.


Hero Names for Girls

The Greek goddess Iris is the god of the rainbow! She rides rainbows as a bridge between the mortal world and the godly one. How heroic is that? The name Iris refers to rainbows, but it is also shared with the purple Iris flower. Iris is more popular as a baby name today than ever before.


Hero Names for Girls

The Egyptian goddess, Isis, governs the moon, motherhood, wisdom, and fertility. The goddess was worshipped outside of Egypt, and relics from her followers were found all over the Greek and Roman empires. Isis is a stunning name that means “throne.”


Hero Names for Girls

Kirin is a name from Chinese mythology that’s just beautiful. It’s a gender-neutral name that also belongs to a horse-like creature with wings that’s similar to a dragon. Kirin is a great alternative to the Irish name Kieran.


Hero Names for Girls

Juno is such an old name that somehow feels very fresh. Juno is a Latin name that once referred to the patron goddess of Rome and the protector of women and marriage. What a hero! The name means “queen of the heavens.”


Hero Names for Girls

In Greek myth, Leda is a great beauty who gave birth to Helen of Troy. The name means “happy.” Any little girl would surely feel tickled to learn that her name is synonymous with happiness. The name is popular across Europe, where it’s commonly pronounced “lee-da” by everyone except the Italians, who say it “lay-dah.”


Hero Names for Girls

Maeve comes from Irish myth and refers to the queen of the fairies. This mysterious-sounding name for girls means “she who intoxicates.” Images of Maeve are often accompanied by mead and honey. The name is more popular than ever before in the US. It rests just outside of the top 100, but we expect the name to crack that next year.


Hero Names for Girls

Rhea comes from Greek mythology, and she is the earth mother and mother of all the gods. Rhea means “a flowing stream.” The popularity of this name ebbs and flows as well. It spiked in 1984 before falling off the charts and then most recently had a good year in 2004, followed by a steep climb. Now, it is just outside of the top 500. Rhea is a great name for a girl, and we are thrilled parents are using it more often.


Hero Names for Girls

In old German legend, Lorelei is the name of the captivating Rhine River siren whose haunting voice led sailors to treacherous rocks that would cause them to be shipwrecked. She’s had a siren/hero image ever since. The name has been on the rise since the early 2000s (Thanks to The Gilmore Girls), and it is a top 500 name today.


Hero Names for Girls

Pronounced AWN-ya, Aine is a stunning name from Ireland that you’ve probably seen spelled Anya. The name belongs to the Celtic goddess of summer and prosperity. The appellation means “brightness” and “splendor.”


Hero Names for Girls

Ariella makes for a great, subtle nod to a lion. The name is of Hebrew origin and means “lion of God.” The name entered the US top 1000 names for girls in 2008, and it has jumped up the charts since then to land just outside of the top 100 names for girls. What a beautiful hero name for girls.


Hero Names for Girls

Another one of the hero girl’s names poised to make a big return, Zora, can be found in a number of naming traditions, including Slavic, Serbo-Croatian, African, and Arabic. The name is most commonly considered to mean “dawn.” A literary hero, Zora Neale Hurston, is reason enough to choose this delightful name.


Hero Names for Girls

Morgan is a Welsh name related to Arthurian legend and means “sea-born.” The legendary Morgan is a powerful half-sister to Arthur and a powerful sorcerer. It’s a very popular choice today and has been since the 1970s.


Hero Names for Girls

A name found in various languages, cultures, and traditions, Maya means many great things to many great people. The name can mean “mother,” “earth goddess,” “water,” “may,” and “illusion,” to pick a few. It’s a top 100 name for girls born today. If you are looking for cross-cultural hero girl names, this one would tick off every box.


Hero Names for Girls

Hero girl names, Leya or Leia, can be found in both Hindi and Spanish traditions, meaning “lion” or “the law.” The Star Wars spelling of the name, Leia, is currently the most popular, but we are partial to Leya.

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Hero Names for Girls

One of the most appealing girl names on its face is Justice. It’s a virtue name without any religious connotations, which should appeal to secular families. This name has been mildly popular since the 1990s, and we expect it to keep going strong for years to come.


Hero Names for Girls

Pronounced eye-o, Io is a name from Greek mythology that we expect to take hold in the coming years. Io is the name of Jupiter’s largest moon. In mythology, she escaped Zeus’ wrath by turning into a cow.


Hero Names for Girls

Evangeline is a more popular name today than ever before. The appellation comes from Greek and means “bringing good news.” If you can think of a name that sounds more fitting for a superhero, please let us know.


Hero Names for Girls

One of our new favorite hero girl names, Atlas, has been gaining traction as a name for baby boys in the US over the last decade. However, the name is increasingly being viewed as a gender-neutral option. After actor Shay Mitchell chose the name for her daughter, born in 2020, we think more and more parents will pick it for girls. The name also comes from Greek and means “holder of the heavens.”


Hero Names for Girls

The name Artemis entered the US top 1000 most popular names for girls in 2020. Parents are attracted to the offbeat sound of this Greek name that refers to the goddess of the hunt, wilderness, and the moon. Her name comes from a Greek root that means “butcher.”

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Hero Names for Girls

One of the hero girl names that’s making a comeback today (after spending 70 years off the US top 1000 list), Vada, was once considered too retro-sounding. Now, she sounds fresh and full of life. The name claims English, German, and Sanskrit origins and can means “knowledge” and “rule.” Not bad, right?

Wow! These hero baby names for girls are everything. Each one is stylish with great meaning and history behind it. Each one of these appellations is on the rise today so expect them to be big hits in the coming years. If you would like even more baby name inspiration, keep reading. We’ve got over 100 strong female names to share with you.

Check Out These Strong Female Names & Their Mighty Meanings

Strong Female Names That Start with A

125 Strong Female Names
  • Althea – A name from Greek mythology, meaning “with healing power.” This queen name belonged to the mythic ruler of Calydon whose son Meleager caused her plenty of heartache. Despite the sad story, Althea is an excellent name.
  • Alvilda – One of the most offbeat strong female names, Alvilda comes from Norse origins and means “elf battle.” We do not know what an elf battle looks like but we do know Alvilda seems ready for a fight!
  • Amira – The handsome appellation Amira comes from Arabic and means “commander.” A perfect name for a little girl who knows she’s in charge.
  • Artemis – Another name from Greek mythology, Artemis is the goddess of the moon and the hunt. Curiously, this name has been trending for boys when it was so clearly associated with the female deity.
  • Athena – Athena, who was birthed from a headache in Greek mythology, has a potent and powerful name. The name shares the same root as Athens but due to its mythological association most scholars agree that the meaning of this name is “goddess of wisdom and war.”

Strong Female Names That Start with B

125 Strong Female Names
  • Bernadette – Bernadette feels like a vintage treasure that new parents should dust off and put to good use. The name has German origins and means “strong” and “brave as a bear.” 
  • Brenna – A fresh alternative to Brenda, Brenna comes from Norse and likely shares the same root as its more well-known friend, Brenda. The name means “sword.” 
  • Bria – A brisk and light appellation, Bria comes from Irish tradition and means “power” and “strength” and “vigor.” 
  • Bridget – A name from Irish tradition, meaning “exalted one.” The name is closely associated with the Celtic goddess Brigid who holds dominion over agriculture, fire, poetry, and healing. 
  • Bryndis – An alluring option from Scandinavia, Bryndis means “of strong armor.” Today, the name is most popular in Iceland, but hopefully, this name will get adopted by American parents. 

Strong Female Names That Start with C

125 Strong Female Names
  • Chasina – An ancient name you likely have never encountered, Chasina comes from Aramaic and means “powerful and strong” and “a protection.” 
  • Cahira – Cahira obscure baby name from Irish tradition that means “warrior.” The name also shares some Latin elements with Justus, meaning “just.” 
  • Clothilde – Here is one of our favorite strong female names that’s a French form of a German name meaning “famous in battle.” It’s pronounced klo-TEELD
  • Casey – A fabulous gender-neutral name from Irish tradition, Casey means “brave in battle.” The name has been extremely popular for both boys and girls since the 1980s. 
  • Channing – Channing is a remarkable surname-name that works extremely well when given to girls. The name can be traced to English and Irish origins, meaning “people of Cana” or “wolf cub.”

Strong Female Names Starting with D

125 Strong Female Names
  • Diana – A Roman goddess of the hunt, forests, and birth, Diana means “divine.” Cults formed for the goddess in ancient times and she is still revered in modern neopagan religions. 
  • Danica – Danica comes from Slavic origin and is associated with Diana or Venus. The name means “morning star.” We love that this name sounds balanced, both feminine and straightforward. 
  • Delta – Delta was last popular for babies in the US in the 1930s. We so desperately want this appellation to make a comeback. Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet and it sounds distinct. However, we understand that one of this country’s major airlines has the name so we get the hesitance. Be bold, folks! 
  • Drew – A diminutive form of Andrew, Drew works surprisingly well as a name for girls. The name comes from Greek origin and means “strong.”
  • Decima – A Latin name that means “tenth,” Decima also names a Roman goddess of prophecy. A perfect option for a girl born in October.

Strong Female Names Starting with E

125 Strong Female Names
  • Ebba – A name with both Germanic and English origins, Ebba is an untapped gem of a name. It can mean “strong as a boar” or “fortress of treasure.” 
  • Edrei – A biblical name from Hebrew, meaning “strong” or “a cloud” or “a very great mass.” This name would sound very chic for a girl born today. 
  • Elaheh – A rare name in the US but a popular choice in Iran, Elaheh has Persian origins and means “like a goddess.” This is one of the best strong female names on this list that many people have never heard before. 
  • Enyo – Enyo comes from Greek mythology and means “warrior goddess” She was said to have inflicted terror during the fall of Troy. 
  • Evangeline – Evangeline is a more popular name today than ever before. The appellation comes from Greek and means “bringing good news.” If you can think of a name that sounds more fitting for a superhero, please let us know. 

Strong Female Names Starting with F

125 Strong Female Names
  • Fairuza – A name of Persian origin, Fairuza means “woman of triumph.” It’s the perfect name for your little champion. 
  • Fallon – A handsome Irish name that we feel works well as a given name for baby girls, Fallon means “superiority” and “a descendent of a ruler.” 
  • Fianna – Bot to be confused with another Irish name, Fiona, Fianna means “band of warriors.” An excellent option that sounds soft but means business. 
  • Finley How cute does Finley sound as a given name for girls? Finley comes from Irish origin and means “fair warrior.” 
  • Farah – You can spell the name Farah or Farrah, it’s your call. The name comes from Arabic and means “happiness.” 

Strong Female Names Beginning with G

125 Strong Female Names
  • Gesa – A Dutch variant of Gertrude, Gesa certainly sounds less blunt than Gertrude. The name also means “spear of strength.” 
  • Gemini – A perfect name for lovers of space, Gemini has Latin origins and means “twin.” If you’re looking for an offbeat alternative to Gemma, this would be ideal. 
  • Greta – Greta has German origins and is a diminutive form of Margaret, meaning “pearl.” Actor and director Greta Gerwig proves a contemporary, admirable namesake.
  • Gesine – Pronounced geh-SEE-nah, this German name means “strength of the spear.”
  • Gerda – A Scandinavian name that gets right to the point, Gerda means “enclosure” and “stronghold.”

Strong Female Names Starting with H

125 Strong Female Names
  • Harley – A name that once would have seemed too biker-adjacent, Harley has emerged as one of the newest strong female names to trend. Harley has English origins and means “from the long field.” 
  • Hunter – Hunter is an English occupational name that means exactly what you think it does. Rising model and actor Hunter Schafer is showcasing this name and shining a bright light on just how beautiful and strong it sounds. 
  • Hilda – From German, Hilda means “battle woman.”
  • Harriet – An English name from French and German, Harriet means “estate ruler.”
  • Hera – A name belonging to the queen of the Greek gods, Hera makes for a notable and evocative appellation today. Her name means “protectress.”

Strong Names That Start with I

125 Strong Female Names
  • Imala – A Native American name with a winning meaning, Imala sounds incredible. The name means “strong-minded.”
  • Imiza – Imiza is a diminutive form of Irmentrude, a Germanic name, meaning “universal strength.”
  • Imara – A name of Kiswahili origin, Imara means “firm.”
  • Irie – A Jamaican, Rasta name that means “positive and powerful.”
  • Isa – Isa is one of the strong female names that can be found in a couple of languages: German and Persian. The appellation means “of strong will.”

Strong Female Names That Start with J

125 Strong Female Names
  • Jaiyana – A name from Urdu, meaning “strength.” A name not heard often in the US, we think it would be most welcome on playgrounds and in classrooms. 
  • Justice – One of the most straightforward strong female names is Justice. It’s a virtue name without any religious connotations which should appeal to secular families. This name has been mildly popular since the 1990s and we expect it to keep going strong for years to come. 
  • Juno – Meaning “queen of the heavens,” Juno is the patron goddess of Rome and protector of women and marriage.
  • Jayla – A modern Hebrew name, meaning “to ascend,” Jayla feels fresher than Kayla.
  • Justine – A French female form of Justin, Justine means “righteous.”

Strong Female Names That Start with K

125 Strong Female Names
  • Karleen – A name from Old German, Karleen means “womanly strength.” This appellation is the perfect alternative to Karly or Kathleen. 
  • Kivah – Kivah is a Hebrew name and form of Akiva, meaning “to protect.” Not only does this name have great meaning, but it also sounds crisp and modern.
  • Kaimana – One of the stunning strong female names from Hawaii, Kaimana means “with the strength of the ocean.”
  • Keren – A girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “strength,” however, the name sounds very close to Karen so be prepared to correct others at first.
  • Kelly – A fantastic-sounding name with a polarizing meaning, Kelly comes from Irish origin and means “war.”

Strong Female Names That Start with L

125 Strong Female Names
  • Leya – Strong female names Leya or Leia can be found in both Hindi and Spanish tradition, meaning “lion” or “the law.” The Star Wars spelling of the name, Leia, is currently the most popular but we are partial to Leya. 
  • Lilith – A name that can be traced way, way back to Assyrian and Sumerian, Lilith means “of the night.” The name was adopted into Jewish folklore as a name for a “night monster.” We think no list of strong female names is complete without a little night demon on it. 
  • Louisa – This dusty jewel of a name comes from Latin and means “renowned warrior.”
  • Liv – A name of Norse origin, Liv means “life.”
  • Leona – A classic name from Latin, meaning “lioness.”

Strong Female Names Beginning with M

125 Strong Female Names
  • Maeve – A name belonging to the warrior Queen of Connacht in Irish mythology, Maeve means “she who intoxicates.” Unheard in the US before the 1980s, Maeve is now one of the most popular names for baby girls born today. 
  • Maia – From Maori, Maia means “brave warrior.” You will also encounter the name in Greek, meaning “mother.” This name is mildly popular today but we would love to hear it more often! 
  • Malin – An English name that is likely related to Magdalene, Malin means “little warrior” in its English context. 
  • Meredith – A Welsh name that originally was given exclusively to baby boys, Meredith means “great ruler” or “great chief.” Today, the name is much more popular for girls. 
  • Minka – A pretty name and the perfect choice for parents with Polish heritage, Minka means “strong-willed warrior.” Doesn’t it sound fun? 
  • Morgan – Morgan is a Welsh name that means “sea-born.” In Arthurian legend, the name belonged to a famed sorceress. It’s a well-known and liked name today! 

Strong Female Names That Start with N

125 Strong Female Names
  • Neala – A female form of Neal, Neala has Irish roots and is now more popular there than Neal! The name means “champion” and “cloud.” If you’re looking for something even sweeter, Nealina has emerged as a great diminutive form of this appellation. 
  • Nikita – A Russian name from the Greek name Aniketos, meaning “unconquered” and “victor.” The name is more popular in Europe today than in the US but it was a popular choice here in the 1980s. 
  • Navi – Navi is a name from Hebrew that means “to name.” This straightforward yet charming name makes it a favorite among other badass girl names. 
  • Neema – Neema is a handsome name from Swahili that means “born in good times.” This name is not too popular in the US today, but we can absolutely see favor change for this attractive appellation. 
  • Nerio – Nerio is one of the Roman goddesses of war and a wife of Mars. The name means “strength” and “valor.”

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Strong Female Names That Start with O

125 Strong Female Names
  • Olesia – A name from Polish tradition, Olesia is a diminutive form of Aleksandra, meaning “defending men.” This appellation would be a smart alternative to Alicia or Alexandra. 
  • Ocean – Is there anything more powerful than the ocean? Ocean has recently emerged as a nature-name possibility over the last few years. Oceane, spelled with an E, is currently one of the hottest names in France
  • Octavia – A name that’s more popular today in the US than ever before, Octavia has Latin origins and means “eighth.” 
  • Oz – We feel like the Hebrew name Oz has crossover potential. Traditionally, it has been reserved for boys but we think it works well for all babies. Oz means “powerful” and “courageous.”
  • Olympia – An evocative Greek name, Olympia means “of Mount Olympus.” It’s one of the best strong female names on this list!

Strong Female Names Starting with P

125 Strong Female Names
  • Philomena – Meaning “lover of strength,” Philomena proves one of the most complex strong female names. This name from Greek mythology refers to an Athenian princess who was transformed into a nightingale. 
  • Phoenix – A name from Greek mythology, Phoenix means “dark red.” The phoenix is a symbol of rebirth likened to the setting and rising sun. This is one of the most popular strong female names today. 
  • Pepper – A spicy name that American parents should turn to more often, Pepper is far more popular in the UK today than it is here. The name means “berry.” 
  • Pilar – This name originated in the retelling of the miracle of the Virgin Mary’s appearance over a marble pillar. This name originated in Spanish and indeed means “pillar.”
  • Petra – A Greek name and female form of Peter, Petra means “stone.”

Strong Female Names Starting with Q

125 Strong Female Names
  • Qadira – An absolute stunner, Qadira comes from Arabic roots that mean “full of power.” We’re into it. 
  • Quinta – Quinta is an ancient name from Latin that, thanks to years of disuse, feels fresh and viable for new parents today. This name means “fifth.” 
  • Queralt – Queralt, pronounced kah-RAL, has been a top 200 name in Catalonia, Spain since 2004. The name means “white rock” and “high rock.” There are several Catalan villages with the name today! 
  • Quest – A name from Latin, meaning “mission.”
  • Queen – An undeniable option among these strong female names, Queen would make for a brilliant choice.

Strong Female Names That Start with R

125 Strong Female Names
  • Reika – An evocative name from German, Reika means “power of the wolf.” If you’re looking for a fierce name, Reika would definitely be an excellent fit. 
  • Rena – Rena comes from Hebrew and means “joyous melody.” The name has not widely appealed to parents since the 1980s despite the name being prevalent in Hebrew, Greek, and Russian traditions. Bring her back! 
  • Roxana – Roxanne has been the favored form of this name, but Roxana offers a more direct vehicle for the Persian root that means “dawn.”  This name just rox.
  • Regina – An old standard from Latin, meaning “queen.”
  • Rhiannon – A mythical Welsh name, meaning “divine queen.” We’ve discovered many good queen options!

Strong Female Names Starting with S

125 Strong Female Names
  • Shamra – A warm name from Arabic origins, Shamra means “ready for battle.” 
  • Sloan – Sloan can be spelled Sloane, but both are perfectly acceptable. Sloan comes from Irish tradition and means “raider.” 
  • Shakti – A Hindu name of Sanskrit origin, Shakti means “power.”
  • Sybil – A classic Greek name that should be experiencing a renaissance today, Sybil means “prophetess.”
  • Sia – This name comes from Old Norse and means “victory.”

Strong Female Names Starting with T

125 Strong Female Names
  • Thora – A name related to the Norse god, Thor, Thora means “Thor’s struggle” and “thunder goddess.” You will find the name across Scandinavia but it has not been widely popular in the US since the 1920s! Bring her back, parents! 
  • Tyra – A name with origins in Old Norse and Germanic mythology, Tyra is a form of the name Tyr, who predates the Greek and Roman mythology that many of us are more familiar with. Little survives about the god’s narrative but the Romans referred to the deity as Mars. Tyra means “the god.” 
  • Trinity – A popular name today, Trinity comes from Latin and means “triad.” The name carries religious undertones for some, but it’s a secular name unless told otherwise. 
  • Tetsu – A Japanese name that can mean “strong as a lion.”
  • Theia – A Greek titan of sight, Theia is one of the strong female names that means “goddess” or “godly.”

Strong Female Names Starting with U

125 Strong Female Names
  • Ursa – A short form of Ursula, from Latin roots that mean “little bear,” Ursa could prove one of the badass girl names just over the horizon. We expect new parents to start using this name more and more in years to come as it is trending on baby name databases like Nameberry and BabyNames.com today. 
  • Ulla – Not just a name used in The Producers, Ulla is a Scandinavian classic that means “will” and “determination.”
  • Ulima – A strong Arabic name you may have never encountered before, Ulima means “astute” and “wise.”
  • Ultima – Add a “T” and you’ve got another option! Ultima comes from Latin and Italian and though it’s uncommon, we think parents should consider it. This name means “last.”
  • Umay – In Turkish mythology, Umay is the mother goddess of the Earth, protecting women, fertility, and children. The name means “placenta” or “mother.”

Strong Female Names Beginning with V

125 Strong Female Names
  • Valerie – A name found in English, Czech, and German, Valerie means “strength” and “health” and is related to Valentina. 
  • Valentina – Speaking of, Valentina is another one of the beloved, strong female names around the world. It means “strength” and “health” as well.
  • Vada – One of the names that’s making a comeback today (after spending 70 years off the US top 1000 list), Vada was once considered too retro-sounding. Now, she sounds fresh and full of life. The name claims English, German, and Sanskrit origins and can means “knowledge” and “rule.” We’ll take it!
  • Vita – Not too far from Vada, Vita is another vivacious V-name with grit. This name from Latin means “life.” The name is currently a top 20 choice for girls in Slovenia. However, in the US, it has not been widely chosen since the 1930s. 
  • Verena – A name meaning “integrity,” Verena is a vintage find that we would love to return to popularity.

Strong Girl Names Starting with W

125 Strong Female Names
  • Wilma – A diminutive form of Wilhelmina, Wilma means “resolute protection.” This name was once extremely popular in the US but has not seen much love since The Flintstones aired. In Sweden today, it’s a top ten choice for girls. 
  • Wyatt – A name that’s being considered more for girls today than ever before, Wyatt comes from English and means “brave in war.”
  • Wilda – A German name with a hopeful meaning in “to strive.”
  • Wisdom – A rare virtue name, Wisdom has the potential to join the ranks of others like Justice and Journey.
  • Wynn – A Welsh name that’s always sounded like a winner to us, Wynn means “fair.”

Strong Female Names Starting with X or Y

125 Strong Female Names
  • Xiomara – Luckily for us all, the name Xiomara is now a popular choice in the US. The name has Spanish and Portuguese origins from the name Guiomar, meaning “famous in battle.” 
  • Xevera – A Portuguese feminine variation of Severus, Xevera means “stern.”
  • Xandra – A name with Greek roots that means “defending men.”
  • Yael – A unisex Hebrew name that’s primarily used by Jewish families today, Yael proves an evocative choice. The name belongs to a biblical place and can mean “mountain goat” or “mountain” or “to ascend.” 

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Strong Female Names Starting with Z

125 Strong Female Names
  • Zelda – A whimsical option, Zelda comes from German and means “gray fighting maid.”
  • Zaila – An Arabic name, Zaila means “might, power.” With its attractive Z-beginning, it could be the perfect option for your zesty family. 
  • Zenobia – A name that hasn’t appealed to parents in nearly 100 years in the US, Zenobia comes from Greek and means “force of Zeus.”
  • Zariyah – A name from Arabic, Zariyah is a gorgeous option that means “scattering wind.”
  • Zafira – Another attractive Arabic name, Zafira means “to succeed.”

There you go! We hope you discovered some strong female names for your daughter! Each of these appellations sounds attractive without being overly cute or sweet. We tried to deliver names for you with powerful meanings that express your family’s values.

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