Hoda Kotb Praises 4-Year-Old Daughter, Hope, While Announcing Her Newest Book: ‘Hope is a Rainbow’

On Wednesday (August 2), Hoda Kotb took to the TODAY show to announce her latest book titled Hope is a Rainbow – which was inspired by her 4-year-old daughter, Hope Catherine. She wrote the book prior to Hope being hospitalized in March, when she spent a few days in the ICU and a week in the hospital. 

“I wrote this a while ago, before Hope was, you know, got sick and is on the mend and all that stuff,” the 58-year-old mother said of her book. “It just reminds me — and she just reminds me — that hope is all around every corner. No matter what you go through, no matter what hardship you endure, there she is.”

Kotb is the proud mother of two daughters, who she co-parents with Joel Schiffman. She adopted Haley, 6, in February 2017 and later adopted Hope, 4, in April 2019. While announcing her book, she explained how she had ‘dreamt’ and ‘hoped’ of her youngest daughter, Hope, and added that ‘her name just fell in.’ 

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While the book is inspired and named after her youngest daughter, Hoda Kotb made sure to include both of her daughters in Hope is a Rainbow – Haley is wearing her signature glasses, while Hope is sporting purple butterfly wings. The two girls go on various adventures together in search of symbols of hope. 

And even though the book was written before Hope’s recent hospitalization, Hoda Kotb said her daughter has taught her more about hope in the past year as she continues to recover at home. “She has that ability to be optimistic and hopeful no matter what kind of challenges lay before you,” Hoda said of Hope.

She went on to detail how her daughter taught her ‘that you’re stronger than you think you are’ and that ‘resilience comes in all kinds of packages.’ Hoda now sees just how ‘incredibly strong’ kids can be and has learned to ‘find wonder in the smallest things.’ She praised her daughter for living up to her name. 

She later explains how she was ‘dreaming and praying for a child like [Hope]’ before it became a reality in April 2019. “Every night I tell her: ‘I love you. I’m proud of you. I think you’re terrific. And I’m glad you’re mine,’” Hoda Kotb said – adding that it was Hope that taught her that dreams really do come true. 

‘Hope is a Rainbow’ by Hoda Kotb Releases in March 2024

For those interested in reading her newest book, hang tight – you’ll have to wait another seven months before it makes its debut on the shelves. Hope is a Rainbow by Hoda Kotb is currently scheduled to release on March 5, 2024, but you can secure your place in line by pre-ordering the book online today. 

In the meantime, Hoda Kotb is giving fans a glimpse into what Hope’s personality is like and the many ways she inspires those who surround her. She describes Hope as a ‘little child’ with an ‘old spirit’ and ‘old soul’ – someone who ‘sees magic in everything.’ Like the title of the book says, Hope is a rainbow. 

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“A rainbow to me represents something that you can’t quite touch, but it’s magical and amazing. So when I thought about how I carry Hope in my heart, I realized, ‘She IS a rainbow.’ She’s this beautiful, magical, incredible child. It just got me thinking about all the things where kids find magic and hope, and this book is full of that,” Hoda explains. 

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