Is There a Such Thing as the Perfect Month to Get Pregnant? One Mother Thinks She Has the Answer!

One of the biggest questions a woman or couple must determine before having a baby is when they want to get pregnant – after all, the month they conceive the baby will determine the month they’re born in. For example, if you’re interested in having an August baby, you should plan on conceiving around November. 

While every couple has their own wishes, one mother on TikTok – Lilly Scott from Washington, D.C. – claims to have figured out the best month to get pregnant. She even gave an elaborate explanation behind her claim and broke down her philosophy in a video that’s more than two and a half minutes long. 


Clearly I’ve thought this through. And yes, I absolutely acknowledge that this is ideal and concieving doesnt always just happen! Just having fun with a hypotjetical here!! #besttimetobepregnant #pregnancy #pregtok #pregnanttiktok #preggo #familyplanning #secondpregnancy @Lillyscott

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“The best time to get pregnant is at the end of February — I know I’m right and this is why,” Scott says in the video, which has been seen more than 5.7 million times and received more than 750k likes in a matter of 10 days. “Clearly I’ve thought this through,” she wrote in the caption, adding that it’s just a hypothetical.

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So, what’s her reasoning behind picking the end of February as the best time to get pregnant? Well, she breaks it down by the month. For starters, you’ll be conceiving your baby around Valentine’s Day – allowing you and your significant other to ‘go all out and have the time of your lives,’ according to Lilly. 

Over the next three months, most pregnant women are going to start feeling sick. For those that conceive towards the end of February, there’s a good chance your morning sickness has subsided by the time summer starts in June. At this point, you’re in your second trimester feel better just in time for summer!

Throughout the second trimester, you’ll still be in a position to travel and you’re under no pressure to look good because everyone tends to fixate on the adorable baby bump. “you eat what you want, it’s delicious, it’s healthy. You’re having fruit. vegetables, making this baby big and grow. And then it’s fall,” she says.

That’s when the third trimester begins. People are returning to work (giving you the space you need) and you can easily cover up your body with warm clothes if you’re feeling insecure about your growing belly. Of course, it’s also getting colder out – which helps to counter the sudden increase in body temperature. 

Getting Pregnant in February Produces a Scorpio Baby!

At the 40-week mark, you’ve now been pregnant for nine months and are ready to have your Scorpio baby – just in time for Thanksgiving! This is the perfect time for your family to come together and meet the new addition to the family and ensures they’ll get an opportunity to take a photo before they start growing.

Since most mothers are given six weeks of maternity leave, that’ll bring you right up to Christmas time – which usually means more time off (not just for the mother, but for the father, too!). Your baby will be 1-2 months old at this point and your family will buy plenty of presents for your little boy or girl – perfect!

Fast forward a couple of months and you’re finally starting to recover from the pregnancy – and getting used to life as a parent, in general. Give yourself six months to return to your normal body weight and you’ll have your body back just in time for summer – and your baby is at that perfect, non-fussy stage. 

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While it sounds like the perfect pregnancy, everyone is going to have their own opinion and this is just one mother’s preference. With that being said, having a baby in February certainly comes with a lot of perks and it goes to show just how much planning goes into a pregnancy – well, a planned one, at that.

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