Isabella Strahan in Tears Over Cancer Update

After being overjoyed about the chemotherapy news she received earlier this week, Isabella Strahan is sharing another heartbreaking update.

In the newest YouTube video, Strahan revealed she’s back in the hospital for a third unexpected brain surgery as she continues to battle cancer.

“There’s ups and downs to this…. I’m in a down right now,” she admitted.

As she explained, her fever spiked to over 100.4. When that happens she needs to seek medical assistance.

“I started hysterically crying because I needed to get an IV and I haven’t had an IV in so long. They’re giving me fluids right now and antibiotics.” Isabella then went in for another procedure.

“So they did a little procedure. I’ve had this one before. They stuck a needle in three spots and drain fluid and I was completely awake for this. My first completely awake surgery.”

As a result of this setback her chemotherapy has been pushed back.

This update comes after Isabella Strahan found herself in tears while sharing another cancer update with the public, a positive update.

However, while her journey so far has been a difficult one, this update is one that has left Strahan in “happy tears.” “These are happy tears. It’s not even considering crying when it’s happy tears.”

As Strahan revealed she now only has two more rounds of chemotherapy left, which means she will be done sooner than expected. “Today’s a great day.”

“I’ll be done in May. And I can kind of try and have a summer to feel better,” she continued. “And I’m so happy cause I thought I’d be done at the end of July. I was supposed to do six rounds in total. And then I really would just have to go straight back to school. I’m so happy.”

Isabella Strahan Shares Painful Update as She Continues to Battle Brain Cancer

February 17, 2024 / News / By Sara Vallone

Isabella Strahan is sharing a heartbreaking update as she continues to battle brain cancer.

Months after revealing her battle with cancer, Strahan has been sharing her battle with weekly YouTube videos, giving people a first hand look at her strength despite how difficult battling cancer is.

In her most recent YouTube video, Isabella opened up about the painful side effects she has been experiencing while undergoing chemotherapy.

“My head hurts,” Isabella explained as she held an ice pack to her head. “I feel like I’m having a heart attack. My heart hurts.”

Sadly, that’s not all the side effects she’s been dealing with. “My eyes are strained, they hurt to look to the sides,” Isabella continued. 

“My whole mouth feels like I got one giant root canal. Every single tooth, just ripped out and not even surgically put back in. My jaw hurts, the bottom of my tongue hurts. It hurts when I gulp water.” 

Isabella admitted she was in so much pain because of the chemo that she would prefer to undergo radiation and brain surgery again. “I would say I prefer brain surgery too, but that might be extreme. This one’s just the longest journey.”

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The video was captured from Isabella’s couch at home, the first time she had been home in weeks. And while Isabella admits she does enjoy being home, she doesn’t mind the long stays in the hospital that much because she “feels safe.”

The 19-year-old also talked about her lack of appetite joking she should change the names of her social media accounts to Mrs. Potato head because they only thing she has eaten in days is potatoes. Nonetheless, while recording the video she admitted she was craving a thin crust pizza with pepperoni and pineapple from Dominos.

We continue to have Isabella in our thoughts as she continues to fight this cancer.

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