Isabella Strahan Talks Memory Loss and Fears as She Nears the End of Chemotherapy

Isabella Strahan is at the home stretch when it comes to the chemotherapy portion of her cancer treatment.

Following a series of serious set backs, Strahan finished of third round of chemotherapy, meaning she only has one more round to go, she shared in her latest YouTube update.

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, Strahan has inspired millions with how she’s dealt with her cancer journey in the public eye. While sitting next to her dad, NFL legend Michael Strahan, the 20-year-old announced she was diagnosed with brain cancer on Good Morning American in November 2023.

“I’m eating a sandwich I don’t remember ordering,” Strahan shared in her update. But admitted that all the fixings on her sandwich sound accurate.

“Since I got this medication that makes me rigor…it’s not a chemo, it’s just to protect for hearing. It’s a clinical trial,” Strahan explained as she smiled at the thought of completing her third and final round of chemo.

A rigor is a period of extreme shaking or shivering, Strahan explained, adding that it makes her feel cold.

She also shared that after having “the biggest appetite” over the past few weeks, “it just dropped to zero,” last week. “So, that’s annoying,” Strahan explained.

This was Strahan’s first update in a month.

Back in April, Strahan revealed that she had to undergo yet another unexpected surgery meaning her third and fourth rounds of chemotherapy were pushed back yet again.

After a month of recovery, it seems as though Strahan is back on track.

“Tomorrow’s really my last day of chemo,” Strahan marveled. “It’s crazy and then it’s my last cycle and then I’m done. It’s insane.”

However, after a lot of sleep, Strahan says she is “feeling a lot better” now that her third round of chemo is behind her.

“I’m home,” she revealed. “Other than that, I’m bored. Not in much pain.”

Strahan dove further into her short term memory loss saying that because she is given Ativan with the medication used to protect her hearing, “for some reason, this happened last time too, I can’t remember a single thing from that day.”

“That’s why I seem a little loopy.”

Strahan admitted she has fears about chemotherapy ending because she is so used to being constricted by the schedules of her cancer treatments.

“How am I going to go back to normal life? Cause I feel like there is always going to be another treatment or something.

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