Jessie James Decker Denies Using Photoshop on Her Children in Recent Instagram Photo

On November 26th, Jessie James Decker – who’s married to former NFL player Eric Decker – posted a photo of her three ‘ripped’ children on Instagram. The kids – Forrest Bradley, 4, Eric “Bubby” Thomas II, 7, and Vivianne Rose, 8 – are seen in their bathing suits with abs you normally don’t see on children.

After posting the photo, Decker immediately started to receive criticism over her children’s appearance as opinions and judgments started pouring in. “Let’s hope children don’t start feeling this is what they need to look like,’ said one user, while another commented, “I find this so strange” – a feeling echoed by many. 

Some fans were even saying the photo was photoshopped and Decker used an app to give her children abs. Nonetheless, Jessie James Decker shot those rumors down and insisted that there was no app involved – her children really do look like that and she wants them to feel proud of their healthy bodies. 

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In one sarcastic response, Jessie James Decker replied “Yeah I used an ‘ab’ app on my small children wtf,” to one of the app accusations. She also added that her children follow a “special kind of diet and exercise” to achieve the bodies they have – so she understands it might not be what you’re used to. 

At the same time, she wants everyone to stop calling her children’s bodies strange. “From one mother to another. Please don’t call my children’s appearance strange just because they don’t look the way you think they should. It’s unkind,” she said in a comment. Like any good mother, she’s defending her kids.

And while some people shared rude comments about the picture, a large percentage of the comments were positive and uplifting. Some users were applauding their dedication to health and wellness, while others were trying to understand their secret – asking Decker to send them their daily workout routine. 

Of course, there were also plenty of lighthearted jokes, especially with Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror. “Well this is humbling to see right after thanksgiving…drop their workout plan please,” said Amanda Mertz. “How do they all have better bodies than me,” said Alan Bersten in another comment.

Will Jessie James Decker Be Having More Kids? 

Jessie James Decker is absolutely loving her role as a mother – which started in March 2014, when she gave birth to Vivianne Rose. Eric Thomas II followed in September 2015 and Forrest Bradley arrived in March 2018. In addition to being a mother, she has kept up with her music career and clothing line. 

In an interview with PEOPLE a few months ago, she opened up about the possibility of adding a fourth child in the future. While she and her husband, former NFL star Eric Decker aren’t necessarily trying to have another child, they aren’t ready to close the door on it and wouldn’t be numb to the possibility if it were to happen one day.

“We’re not planning on it, so we’re just letting lives happen. And if it happens, it’s a blessing. If it doesn’t, it wasn’t meant to be, but we’re not doing anything to not make it happen,” she said when asked if she wanted another baby. The couple is staying open-minded and remains prepared for whatever comes next.

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As for the children she has now, she wants them to continue being who they want to be. “Let’s not pick and choose what we normalize regarding bodies and be accepting of all people and children. If we wanna do “better” then do better. I’m proud of my children and encourage them to live their dreams,” she said.

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