Jinger Duggar Discussed Wearing Pants with Mom and Things Got Emotional

We all know that Jinger Duggar does things a little differently than the rest of her family. Ever since she left the family homestead and ventured out to L.A. she’s really grown into her own. Not only has she cultivated a life with her family, but she’s also created a singular style that she expresses through fashion.

That’s why it was so interesting to see Jinger discuss wearing pants with her mom on Counting On. What we expected to be a disagreement about modesty and style turned into an emotional moment for these two members of the Duggar family.

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Jinger is a big fan of wearing jeans and a simple top when she’s in L.A. But, she usually dresses more conservatively when she visits the rest of her family.

Luckily for us, Jinger and Michelle Duggar finally had a talk about the way Jinger dresses. We sort of expected this to go one way and be pretty vanilla, but Jinger did not disappoint! According to her, “the lord’s led” her to wearing pants and they make her feel comfortable.

Okay. Can’t argue with that!

Of course, Michelle had to express her feeling about the dirty pants-wearing.

Michelle Duggar felt that wearing pants are something that “pertains to a man” and that she just didn’t understand.

“I just felt like I should wear dresses and skirts. My girls, I just dressed them in dresses and skirts as well,” Michelle said. “Being that that was my personal conviction. I’m raising my girls to be modest and honor the Lord in how they represent themselves.”

Someone get this nice lady a book about women’s lib!

As the talk continued, Michelle eventually came around and is ultimately okay with her daughter wearing pants.

“It’s OK that my kids may have different convictions than me,” Michelle admitted. “I know that he’s leading them, and that’s the most important thing.”

It’s great that she understands her children have their own convictions. Comfort, versatility, and a nice stretch are always important!

Do you, Jinger!

We hope the younger generations of the Duggar family will all continue to branch out from the ultra-conservative lifestyle they were brought up in and get to live a little! Jinger isn’t the only woman sporting pants these days! Aside from 99% of the US population, her sister Jill has also started to rock a skinny jean.

All joking aside, we’re happy that Jinger stood up for herself and took time to explain something that her mom might not have understood.

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  1. Michelle Duggar is the epitome of hypocrite – she’s the one who used to cut the grass in a string bikini, and she’s preaching about modesty? Please….

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