Jodie Sweetin Expresses Disappointment Over Her New Film Being Sold to Great American Family

Jodie Sweetin rose to fame as a child actor in Full House, where she played the part of Stephanie Tanner – the younger sister of DJ Tanner, who was played by Candace Cameron Bure. I’m sure we all have memories of waking up or coming home from school and watching the iconic and legendary show.

Jodie was just five years old and Candace was just 11 years old when Full House premiered in 1987 – the show lasted eight seasons and came to an end in 1995. Fast forward nearly 30 years and both actresses are still appearing in films and TV shows – Jodie is now 41 years old, while Candace is now 47 years old. 

Jodie Sweetin, for example, has starred in two television films this year alone – The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost and Craft Me a Romance. On the other hand, Candace Cameron Bure now serves as Chief Content Officer and a producer for Great American Family, where she stars in numerous TV films.

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From the outside looking in, one might be intrigued at the prospect of one of Jodie’s movies being picked up by Candace’s Great American Family – which is exactly what happened with Craft Me a Romance. Unfortunately, considering the ongoing feud between the two former castmates, it’s far from intriguing. 

In fact, it’s disappointing – at least in Jodie’s words. She recently released a statement expressing her disappointment with her movie being picked up by GAF. While she admits she had no control over what happened to the project, she did say she was surprised at the outcome – and she has a right to be. 

For those who don’t recall, Candace made some derogatory comments about the LGBTQ+ community last year after announcing her move to Great American Family – vowing to keep ‘traditional marriage at its core’ with future film projects. Jodie, an LGBTQ+ supporter, was one of the many to criticize her. 

“Sometimes, we, as actors, don’t have control over which network buys the projects we are in, nor are we a part of the process in which they get sold,” Sweetin said. “So I was very surprised to learn by reading about it in the press yesterday that the independent film I worked on over a year ago was sold to GAF.”

What Happened Between Jodie Sweetin and Candace Cameron? 

In November 2022, roughly seven months after GAF announced the addition of Candace Cameron Bure, the 47-year-old actress/producer spoke with The Wall Street Journal and explained her reasoning behind the move. It was during that interview that she revealed her intent to ‘keep traditional marriage at its core.’ 

Furthering her comments, Candace Cameron said she hopes future GAF films don’t feature gay couples and, instead, opt for storylines featuring ‘traditional marriages.’ As you can likely imagine, her comments didn’t blow over very well with those in the LGBTQ+ community – one of which being Jojo Siwa

Siwa, who identifies as pansexual, wasn’t shy about letting Candace Cameron know how she feels – calling the comments both ‘hurtful’ and ‘rude’ to the LGBTQ+ community in an Instagram caption. She expressed her displeasure with Candace creating a movie with the ‘intention of excluding LGBTQIA+. 

So, where does Jodie Sweetin fit into all of this? She showed her support for Siwa and the LGBTQ+ community by commenting, “You know I love you,” under that Instagram post. Not long after Jodie posted the comment, Candace Cameron unfollowed her on social media. Things have been sour ever since. 

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In her most recent statement about Craft Me a Romance, Jodie said she is ‘keeping with my mission of supporting the LGBTQ+ family’ and vowed that ‘any potential or future money made from this sale will be donated to LGBTQ+ organizations.’ It’s just another example of the LGBTQ+ community coming together.

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