Jojo Siwa Responds to Candace Cameron Bure’s ‘Hurtful’ Comments About ‘Traditional Marriage’

Jojo Siwa and Candace Cameron Bure have been involved in quite the feud over the past four months. After several back-and-forth interactions between the two, Jojo Siwa isn’t sure if there’s any repairing the damage that’s been done. “We have not [talked], and I don’t think we ever will again,” she said recently.

It all started in July when Jojo posted a TikTok video listing Candace as the ‘rudest celebrity’ she ever met – citing an instance where Candace said ‘no’ to taking a photo with an 11-year-old Jojo. This resulted in a back-and-forth as Candace defended herself – at this point, all seemed good between the two.

The feud was reignited earlier this month when Candace Cameron Bure revealed her intent to keep ‘traditional marriage’ at her core when creating films with her new network, Great American Family – she serves as the creative officer. As a result, she has no intention of portraying LGBTQ beliefs in her films. 

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“Honestly, I can’t believe after everything that went down just a few months ago, that she would not only create a movie with [the] intention of excluding LGBTQIA+, but then also talk about it in the press,” said Jojo Siwa, in response to what she called ‘rude’ and ‘hurtful’ comments by Candace Cameron Bure. 

Jojo felt an obligation to speak up for herself and her LGBTQ community – she identifies as pansexual and is one of the biggest voices in the community today. In fact, she doubled down on her comments recently in an interview with PEOPLE at the Disney+’s Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium.

“That’s what’s f—ed up. You not liking gay marriage, do your thing girl. You being religious, do your thing girl. Of course, I would want everybody to do what they want to do. But to purposely exclude someone because of who they love, that’s sh—y,” said Jojo, confirming she doesn’t plan on talking to Candace. 

She also spoke about learning how to use her voice to speak up for things she believes in. “I think that’s a really cool position to be in. I am being honest and maybe being a little disruptive to somebody’s life, but it’s what I believe in. And so to have good people stand behind you with it felt really nice,” she continued.

Jojo Siwa Wants Candace Cameron Bure to Meet With GLAAD

On November 6th, Candace Cameron Bure issued a statement on Instagram regarding her recent comments about her films. It was a long statement, but one that didn’t include an apology and deflected the real issue at hand. Now, Jojo Siwa is asking the former Full House star to meet with GLAAD. 

The idea was originally pitched by GLAAD – Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation – President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. She invited Candace Cameron to have a conversation to better understand the people she’s hurting when she says hateful things about their community – one that’s filled with love. 

“I would want her to have a conversation with GLAAD. Sarah is a genius when it comes to the gay community. And I think that Candace having a conversation with her would be not only eye-opening to Candace but eye-opening to a whole world of people who might have those same beliefs,” said Jojo.

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For now, fans shouldn’t expect Jojo Siwa and Candace Cameron Bure to speak anytime soon. What we can say is Jojo seems to be getting a lot of the support – even from former Full House costar Jodie Sweetin – while Bure seems to be getting a majority of the backlash. 

Now, Bure seems to be responding to Sweetin’s decision to be outspoken in support of the LGBTQIA+ community following her co-star’s comments. After Sweetin posted several Instagram Stories in defense of Siwa and the LGBTQIA+ community, Bure has reportedly unfollowed Sweetin, who Bure has been friends with their whole lives.

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