Joy-Anna Duggar’s son rushed to the hospital following ‘terrifying’ experience

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth is sharing the terrifying experience that landed her 1-year-old son in the hospital.

In a video shared on YouTube, Joy-Anna revealed that she and her son, Gunnar, were spending the day at a youth camp when they sat down to eat. 

As Joy-Anna explained she “was just feeding him a little bit off my plate, and I had a piece of ham, like Thanksgiving ham, and I was letting him chew on it and take a bite off of it, and he bit off more than he could chew and immediately started choking.”

She called the experience “terrifying,” adding that it “shook her up.”

Joy-Anna shared that she tried to dislodge the piece of ham from her son’s throat before her husband, an EMT, stepped in.

“I started crying ’cause I’m just like Lord, please protect him, like all of those what-ifs come to your mind right away,” she said. Despite vomiting several times, their son stopped breathing for about 20 seconds and continued to gag.

As Gunnar continued to struggle, taking only a few shallow breaths, he became “really, really lethargic,” and the parents rushed him to the hospital.

Joy-Anna admitted fear and panic quickly set in as she realized they were an hour from town.

“I was just crying out to God like, please save him, and I’ve never been to a point where, like, I thought I was going to lose one of my kids, and it was just that thought of he is going to die came to my mind, and it just like was terrifying,” an emotional Joy-Anna admitted. 

“And so I was asking God, ‘Please, please save him, please save him, Give us wisdom. Help us to get there.’”

Thankfully, after a series of tests and an x-ray, their son is now doing well. Joy-Anna said Gunnar started doing much better as they put him in the clear cylinder to ensure his chest was clear.

“He was smiling, he’s laughing at me. He just sitting in that tube smiling and I was just so so thankful.”

Joy-Anna added how “thankful” she was “that God protected him, and we made it to the hospital, and that whatever was in his throat wasn’t bothering him anymore.”

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