Karli Kloss and I Were Both Born on August 3, Here’s How Our 28 Years on Earth Compare

On our 28th birthday, model Karli Kloss took to her YouTube page to talk about the things she learned so far in her lifetime. And because she was turning 28, she stuck to sharing just 28 of those life lessons to share with her fans.

I have to admit, I also take a look back on my life every birth. It’s more so for me than anyone else, but I like to looks at my growth, figure out what parts of me need work, and also set goals to meet by the next birthday. So when I learned that Kloss and I share a birthday, I decided to give her video and listen and see how our 28 years on earth compare.

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If it wasn’t obvious already, Kloss and I live very different lives. Despite writing articles on the internet, I am a pretty private person and far from what someone would consider a supermodel. Kloss is more public with her life given her job as a supermodel, so this article isn’t to say that I wish I had her life, but highlight that the world is filled with different people and we should celebrate that.

Kloss began the video by admitting that she had a vision for where she wanted to be on her 28 birthday and that due to COVID-19 and other circumstances, she never imagined that she would be quarantined at home. However, it’s because of all that is going on in the world that she is more grateful than ever to have her health, as well as the health of her family, friends, and fans.

This is something Kloss and I have in common, I thought life would be pretty different for me as I celebrated the big 2-8, but alas I write this as I sit at my makeshift desk just grateful to still have a roof over my head, a job I love, and friends and family who I can check in on and who check in on me.

“People say the world can change overnight.”

As Kloss explained, this was a lesson she learned this year living through a global pandemic. It’s a lesson I learned as well. I also learned that people can change overnight as well.

“I will never again take seeing my friends or family for granted.”

Absolutely. This is another lesson we both learned this year. Never did I think I would have to be wary of giving my mom or dad a hug, nor did I think going to a crowded party or out to dinner with my friends would be something I would have to miss.

“And my passport and traveling internationally.”

This is something Karli and I don’t have in common. While I hope to travel more in the future, it’s not something that I miss because well I’ve never done it.

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“I realize that it’s a lot easier to call our representatives than I thought.”

I too have learned this. But I have also learned that while it’s easy to call and get their voicemail, it’s a lot harder to have an actual conversation with them.

“Working out from home is so underrated.”

I’ve learned that taking a walk outside is underrated. Having just adopted a dog three months ago, Jack has taught me that a quick 20-minute walk outside can instantly boost a person’s mood.

“Turns out that many of you have a love-hate relationship with running that I do.”

Nope, I just hate it.

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“I’m even more obsessed with the Kode With Klossy scholars than I ever thought possible.”

This helped me learn something new. I didn’t know what Kode With Klossy was until this video. Kode With Klossy is an organization started by the model that “creates learning experiences and opportunities for young women that increase their confidence and inspire them to pursue their passions in a technology-driven world.”

“I don’t care what kind of fancy coffee maker you have at home, there is no substitute for an ice-cold large Dunkin Donuts.”

Stok iced-coffee with almond milk is where it’s at. And the best part is, you can get it at any grocery store, even have it delivered right to your door.

“I am committed to use my platform to raise the voices who have been at this for years.”

Although my platform isn’t large like Kloss’s, as a journalist this is something that has been at the forefront of my mind now more than ever. What you put out into the world should always be fact and that has been something I have strived to do ever since I started my career. It’s also extremely important to listen, regardless of your opinion or beliefs.

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“The next generation of the internet is unstoppable.”

I have learned that there are a lot of young people who have become “influencers” of the youngest generations. And with that comes a lot of power. And I do have to admit, while many of them are seen dancing and smiling for the camera, a lot of them have also been using their platforms for good and I do believe that one day it will affect a positive change in the world, so long as they continue to remember how much responsibility they have as a prominent person on the internet.

“Podcasts are a great way to keep you thinking about things that matter.”

They are also incredibly entertaining and help long car rides by yourself go by quickly.

“Jeans are an option but not a necessity.”

I’m pretty sure I learned this back in high school. But I will admit that quarantine is the first time I could wear sweatpants 62 days in a row and not be judged for it.

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“The fashion industry is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply.”

This is something I did not know. However, I have gotten a lot better at purchasing and using single-use plastic which has gotten me closer to my goal of being a less wasteful person for the betterment of our planet.

“St. Louis has a thriving fashion industry.”

This is something I didn’t know, but hey could be a good conversation starter given the right crowd.

“I cannot stress this enough, create a routine for yourself.”

I used to be all about the routine, but lately, I have been over it. Maybe that’s just the quarantine talking, but I have been doing my best to switch things up just to keep myself from going crazy in my apartment.

“Robots can be friends.”

Not something I have learned, and quite frankly, not something I want to learn? But maybe that will change when I turned 29.

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“Bananas are my new favorite vegan baking hack.”

Honestly, if I hear about one more banana baking hack or banana-based recipe, I’m going to scream.

“I really need to take more advantage of the small business that I love.”

I really need to stop online shopping.

“Take Time for Yourself.”

I’ve been with myself for far too long these last few months, I’m trying to take the focus off of myself.

“Recreating a Cyndi Lauper music video is harder than it looks.”

This is something I don’t think I’ll ever learn? But hey, Cyndi Lauper, if you’re reading this, I’m down to try it.

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“There is both a good and a bad side of becoming the first meme of the new decade.”

My life is filled with meme-worthy moments, it’s just that no one cares.

“The world is not entitled to every detail of my personal life.”

I can hear my dad screaming, “Yassss,” all the way from back home.

“Cutting hair is no joke.”

I have never cut someone’s hair. I had someone, who was not trained, cut my hair in quarantine, and let’s just say I was REALLY happy when salons opened up again.

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“Trust your gut.”

This is something I learned VERY early on in my life. Even if your gut is wrong, it’s a lot easier to cope with things when you know you made the decision and no one else.

“Masks save lives.”

This is a lesson I never thought I would need to learn, but, PLEASE WEAR A MASK if you are going into a public place. And please be respectful when you are asked to leave an establishment because you’re not wearing one.

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“Brunette Karli is always right around the corner.”

Blonde Sara, Brunette Sara, Red Sara, Green Sara is also always right around the corner, especially when there is nothing else to do during the boring nights at home.

“I never thought I was a fangirl but turns out for one person I am.”

I’ve learned that I’m too tired to be a fangirl.

Being a jack of all trades while in quarantine is hard work.

Working for a media/news company from home, I felt this on a deeply personal level.

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“Your voice and your vote matters.”

If you want to talk politics and you want to have an opinion on how our government is ran, then you better be registered to vote. You better be putting in the work and making sure your beliefs are true. And you better be prepared to arrive at your polling place this November 3.

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Happy Birthday, Karli Kloss. I am honored to share a birthday with you. How many of you have learned these lessons in your lifetime?


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