Like Father, Like Daughter, Keith Urban Says 11-Year-Old Faith ‘Has A Great Musical Ear’

Keith Urban’s daughter, Faith, is taking after her dad as of late.

“[She] has a great musical ear,” the Urban shared with ABC Audio of the 11-year-old, who he shares with wife Nicole Kidman.

“I can tell ’cause she’ll hear a melody and go to the little piano and figure it out by singing it and matching the notes and stuff,” he added. “She’s got a good ear.”

As for his and Kidman’s 13-year-old daughter, Sunday Rose, she takes after her mother.

“Sunday, I think, has always been interested in filming and making little stories with her little iPad,” Urban said. “Even when she was 5, 6 years old, she liked to film with her iPad. Kids from the neighborhood will come over for playdates, and I tell you, immediately, they will be roped into being in these mini-movies that she makes. They’ve got to learn their parts and everything.”

He continued, “It would be great if [Sunday] continues [making movies], ’cause I think she’s a storyteller –– a good storyteller.”

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Just last month, Kidman shared Sunday’s aspiration to one day be a director.

“[It’s] interesting, ’cause my daughter wants to be a director, as well,” Kidman said while on The View. “She’s got that eye and she’s watching.”

Kidman added how Urban and their daughters are “always a part of every decision” she makes in her career “because, obviously, the family has to come and has to support — I’m asking for them to let me go and do it and take time away from them.”

In addition, they were also her “audience” while she was preparing to play Lucille Ball for Being the Ricardos, and were sure to give their constructive criticism: “I’d sit them on the couch and I’d do it and they’d be saying, ‘Hey, you got a lot more work to do.’ “

Nicole also shared their hilarious reaction to her Best Actress Oscar nomination for her role as Ball.

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“My kids, my husband and I were having breakfast, and I thought the next morning was when they were announcing the nominations, so I was not aware,” she continued. “And suddenly I get a FaceTime call and my kids are like, ‘Your phone’s going [off] — someone’s FaceTiming you, Mom.’ “

“And I pick it up and they go, ‘You’ve just been nominated for an Oscar,’ ” Kidman said.

Kidman recalled how she “literally started crying” when she learned of the news, as “there’s so much emotion attached to [the project] that I didn’t realize I was carrying.”

But her daughters were not as jazzed as she was. “My kids are looking at me like, ‘Wow, congrats, Mom. Anyway, we’re gonna be late, we gotta get going,’ ” Kidman said.

Kids say the darndest things!

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