Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Her Divorce From Brandon Blackstock and How Their Children Are Handling It

On Tuesday (June 13), Kelly Clarkson joined Glennon Doyle on her We Can Do Hard Things podcast and opened up about her divorce from Brandon Blackstock – filed in 2020 and finalized in 2022. In the episode, Kelly reveals that her two children still dream of a day when their mother and father reconcile. 

The conversation started when Doyle brought up a topic from her book, Untamed, where she described staying in a relationship for the sake of her daughter. At first, she felt she was being a good mother by staying. She later realized she wasn’t being a good mother and was, instead, setting a bad example. 

Clarkson agreed with Doyle and recalled watching her mother go through two different marriages. She pointed out how children have a way of picking up on certain things and how dangerous that can be when the child is exposed to an unhealthy environment. It’s something she knows from firsthand experience. 

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Kelly Clarkson praised Glennon Doyle’s book for shedding light on a debate many people have with themselves – ‘the tug of loving someone so deeply and the tug of really needing to love yourself as much or more, I just don’t know if I can do this while still trying to do this anymore.’ It’s a hard decision to make. 

It’s a decision she was forced to make in 2020, when she decided she didn’t want her children to live in an unhealthy environment any longer. At the same time, Kelly understands that it doesn’t really matter what decision you make or which route you take – it’s not going to be easy for the children, either way. 

“Your kids will still have a hard time. It doesn’t matter if you stay, it doesn’t matter if you go, I am still having conversations [with my kids] three years later,” Kelly Clarkson says on the podcast. Apparently, her two children –  Remington “Remy” Alexander, 7, and River Rose, 8 – aren’t giving up hope. 

“My kids just came back from my ex and any time there’s mention of maybe him being with somebody else…they are just really adamant about keeping that dream alive that we might still be together one day.” Anyone who grew up with divorced parents understands what her two children have been going through. 

Kelly Clarkson Details Her Relationship With Brandon Blackstock

Also on the podcast, Kelly Clarkson talked about the ‘carnal reaction’ she had when she first met Brandon Blackstock and how adamant she was about chasing that feeling again and again – describing it as a ‘beautiful high.’ Unfortunately, that spark they had fizzled out as the couple grew apart from one another. 

Even when thoughts of divorce entered her brain, she wasn’t sure if it was the right move and was even hesitant to follow through with it. At the end of the day, she felt limited in her marriage – no matter how hard she or Brandon tried to make their marriage work, things just weren’t going the way they wanted. 

“If there’s always this tug-of-war happening, like, ‘Oh my god I love you, but god I hate you, you are just horrible. That’s not healthy,” she said on the We Can Do Hard Things podcast. “That’s just emotionally going 9-0 … but you finally get away from that and you realize how ‘OK this actually feels better.’”

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As for whether or not she plans on getting married a second time, she said she certainly hopes to fall in love again, but doesn’t see herself walking down the aisle anytime soon. “I think marriage is beautiful, I think it’s amazing, I just don’t think that it is necessarily for everyone,” she said.

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